Friday, December 23, 2011

Is Newt Gingrich The next President of the United States ?

Newton Leroy Gingrich born June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a Gemini. He was an history teacher, served as the 58th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999 as a Republican. His mother having divorced his father early on, he was raised by the Army Officer Robert Gingrich, who may have given him a good sense of discipline.

As a Gemini, he has two lifes in one, with Mercury on his first house (speaker), double impact as Mercury rules also the sign of Gemini. His Sun is also in Gemini (speech, communication) which gives him lot of vitality, gift of youth. He is a free thinker, intellectual, nervous, adaptable with a strong desire for security; also fascinated with research, New Age, science, hi-tech. Saturne location represents the soul career: right on himself, meaning speaker, but fear of not speaking well enough.

His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Leo/Aquarius : Leo head, he has the opportunity to experience fame, power, to take charge, to shine; Aquarius tail, all his thoughts and actions must be given to the world at large and should only be geared to the well being of society; his hidden Dragon being Gemini/Sagittarius, he is not too lucky with foreigners or on foreign ground. The Universal Dragon being Sagittarius/Gemini is offering him a window of opportunity, big time to run for Presidency up to August 2012. The new Universal Dragon, Scorpio/Taurus, starting August 2012 will help him to restructure his environment. He could become the next President of the United States.

He should be careful when the Full Moon is in Scorpio in his 6th House of environment not to be in a crowd. Also the Planet Pluto (transformation) is sitting in Capricorn for another 12 years on his 8th house of rebirth.

Now a note about the Dragon or UCI: the Dragon comes from the constellation of Draco (in latin), form of energy which is alive. Once you know where the Dragon is in your chart, you will be able to uncover your innerself. It's a combination of Astrology, psychology and Astronomy. The Dragon stays 18th months in a sign; as a rule, wherever the Dragon Tail resides in a chart, it will dramatically affect the affairs of the partner's house in question. The upcoming Scorpio/Taurus Dragon will offer wake up calls to humanity where real wisdom and critical thinking will replace an universal uncontrolled fearful imagination. Dr. Turi

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN ON DECEMBER 24: we will hear about restructure of governments, politics and large organizations are on the agenda. Even England royalty could make the news. December 27, 28, 29, high probability of terrorism and large disasters.


Aries - Good news about rebuilding your career, go for it, you will be very successful.
Taurus - A contract is in the air with foreigners or abroad, success is waiting.
Gemini - Good news about inheritance, sale of real estate, promotion in the work place.
Cancer - An opportunity to meet a wealthy and lasting partner is coming.
Leo - A change in your working environment will be beneficial, also rebuilding of your health good time for creations.
Virgo - Love is in the air with a very steady partner; your creativity will be recognized.
Libra - Good period to buy real estate, renovate your home and be practical with children.
Scorpio - Your thoughts are getting more practical, good business deals.
Sagittarius - Good news about money, restructure of your investments.
Capricorn - This New Moon is on yourself, meaning you have the opportunity to restructure your life; Pluto, the planet of transformation is also sitting in Capricorn for 12 more years.
Aquarius - Your dreams will come true if you act now.
Pisces - Good time to make new lasting friendships.

Wherever Pluto or Scorpio is located in your UCI, death, drama, police will enter your life. It would be wise to find out where your Dragon is located in your chart as well as your partner's Dragon. I am giving consultations in Manhattan or by phone. 212 953 0301.

Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Michele Marie Bachmann, born in Waterloo, Iowa, on April 6, 1956 is an Aries. She is a member of the US House of Representatives representing Minnesota, Republican, supporter of the Tea Movement Party. Her family was Norwegian Lutheran democrats.

As an Aries, she is impatient, aggressive, born leader learning by her mistakes. She must learn diplomacy.

Her UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Sagittarius/Gemini, meaning she must take the path of higher education, travel to search the truth; she is lucky in matters of religion, foreign affairs, foreigners; Gemini tail means she has a double personnality; her hidden Dragon is the same as her UCI, doubling the impact. Her Moon in Aquarius makes her independant, open minded, sociable.

Pluto in Leo in her fifth house of creativity means: sudden fame, facing the world. The transit Pluto is in Capricorn in her 10th House of career up to 2023 challenging the establishment.

With the transiting Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini on herself up to next August 2012 she certainly could be on the road to Presidency; she also has Mars (challenge/danger) in Capricorn

on her 10th House of career and government: strong desire to fight for the system and for a position of power (politics). She could be good for the United States. Saturn in Sagittarius will force her to expand her mind outside conventional religious teachings, despite her fears.

Richard James Perry (Rick) born in Texas on March 4, 1950 is a Pisces. Philosopher, perfectionist, intuitive, blind acceptance of religious dogmas. He is the longuest continuously serving current Governor of Texas. His father was a Democrat, so was he up to 1989 when he joined the Republican Party, proponent of fiscal conservatism, he is a Methodist.

His UCI is Aries/Libra: adventurous, competitive, magnetic, needs to be the best at all times. The Tail of the Dragon in Libra: no strength with groups, could be manipulated easily, needs constant approval. His hidden Dragon Taurus/Scorpio (impulses) forces him to work towards possession, fame, fortune; he has a difficulty to let go of inner fears, and needs to learn to be independant, but resistant to changes. Moon in Virgo: detailed oriented he might look at the trees and miss the forest ! but Saturn next to the Moon will help him bring completion and structure to all his endeavours. Pluto (death/drama) is in his 6th House of environment in Leo:

He likes to work in a glorious environment, potential for fame.

The Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini in his 10th House of career gives him a window of opportunity to run for Presidency up to August 2012. Then from August 2012 the new Universal Dragon Scorpio/Taurus will free him to a complete restructure of his beliefs and he will let go of the presidency.

FULL MOON IN GEMINI ON DECEMBER 10 will cause disturbance on communications, transportation. Dramatic changes ahead in the world of traveling; sad news involving accidents, terrorism, people stranded in airports. Also do not forget Mercury (the Lord of communication and transportation) is still active, retrograde, messing things up till December 23rd.

December 20, 21, 22: Pluto, Mars, Uranus together - extreme criminal activity and police vulnerability - Pluto has fun destroying it all. Christmas will take place on a New Moon and will bring good time to all of us.

We should not forget also the Lunar Eclipse on December 1o: changes and crisis in your life, soul lessons specially if it happens on your natal axis: awakening and realisation.


Aries - Difficulties in communications, sad news from siblings; change of residence ahead.

Taurus - Stress on finances. Wait for the New Moon to invest.

Gemini - You could receive bad news from the past; stress for a business or emotional partner.

Cancer - Don't be depressed, resolve conflicts.

Leo - You could receive bad news from friends.

Virgo - Difficult time ahead for your business or career. Think positive, the wheel will turn.

Libra - Not the time to travel, opportunities are not there. Wait for the New Moon.

Scorpio - Possibility of respiratory problems if not resting properly; difficult communications with your siblings.

Sagittarius - Separation with a business or emotional partner; do not take any chance.

Capricorn - Tensions in your working environment could provoke health problems. Learn to relax.

Aquarius - Any new project or meeting a new partner should be postponed after the New Moon.

Pisces - Communications with family will bring stress. Regenerate with new studies on the computer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UCI's of the presidential candidates

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. So, his zodiacal sign is Pisces/Virgo, Republican and Mormon, perfectionist, intuitive with a blind acceptance of religious dogmas. Ascendant Pisces also, definitively a lot under the deceptive influence of Nepturne (Pisces).

His UCI (earth energy at his birth) is Gemini/Sagittarius; Gemini Head: double personnality, gifted with communications, his lesson is to adapt to others' point of view. Sagittarius Tail: not lucky with foreigners, foreign affairs and the legal system.

His hidden Dragon being Cancer head/Capricorn Tail, again he should have a family type of career and not be involved with Government.

The Universal earth energy or Dragon being Sagittarius Head up to next August 2012, sitting right on his own Dragon Tail on his 10th House of career is bringing him a little opportunity to run for President up to next August, no more. His Moon in Scorpio (magnetism, mysticism) and Jupiter also in Scorpio give him an investigative, secretive nature.

Herman Cain: Born in Atlanta on December 13, 1945 is a Sagittarius/Gemini, a truth seeker; his UCI is Cancer Head on 8th House of regeneration and Corporation, emotional and sensitive, very much controlled by the fluctuations of the Moon; his mission is to go into the food industry (which he did with his pizza business, hotel, restaurant); he also connects very well with people; should have a home and family type of career, he is very responsible and practical. His Capricorn Tail shows he is not lucky with government and should not work with other people money. Moon in Pisces: dreams, deceptions, imagination at home.

Ascendant Virgo (planet Mercury) he loves to be involved in every domain, to analyze and understand. His hidden Dragon Scorpio/Taurus makes him very magnetic, powerful, sexual. He should definitively learn the Universal Laws.

The Universal Dragon being Sagittarius/Gemini, he got the Head of this Dragon on himself which has helped him to be propulsed towards candidacy, but the Tail of this Dragon being Gemini is sitting right on his 7th House of partnership which will bring him stress. The next Universal Dragon starting in August 2012 being Scorpio/Taurus will force him to reevaluate and stay in the pizza business.

Now we have Mercury Retrograde up to December 23 (electronic glitches, delays, lack of communication, accidents) and also a Solar Eclipse on November 25 right on the New Moon in Sagittarius. This eclipse represents the past, our unconscious nature and could bring important change; it relates to sudden events, crisis.

New Moon November 24 in Sagittarius: As Jupiter rules this sign, expect to hear from foreign Affairs, religious new laws, deceiving preachers, etc. Implosion of the Middle East on itself as new rulers have not been found.

Aries - Thinking about moving, travelling abroad, new image of yourself.

Taurus - Prone to open a business, bank account outside your own country and doing very well.

Gemini - Your partner will be on the move, could have a separation, let them go; soon you will find somebody else.

Cancer - Change of environment - take care of your investment.

Leo - Good time to create, start a new activity with foreigners; it will be long lasting.

Virgo - You will find time to reorganize your home or find a new partner.

Libra - Positive communications with far away siblings or foreigners, use diplomacy.

Scorpio - Investments abroad are favorised or you could receive an inheritance.

Sagittarius - Be open to new ideas, books, etc. they will be rewarding.

Capricorn -Conflict with foreigners concerning real estate, food, restaurants. It will be solved, be patient.

Aquarius - Happy opportunity to enlarge your group of friends of to find a new lover.

Pisces - Happy changes in your home, or relocation.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Julian Assange's Personality explained with Nostradamus method

Julian Assange was born on July 3rd, 1971 in Townsville, Australia under the sign of Cancer (interested in family, home, security).
Sun in Cancer: his goal is to establish and learn all about emotions and feed the world: he is feeding the world all right by divulging secrets.
Moon in Scorpio, water sign, makes him very susceptible to the Moon fluctuations. This placement shows a dramatic childhood, making him magnetic with a terrific intuition but predestines him to a dramatic loss. As always, when the Moon crosses this sign, dramas are happenings.
Saturn (the teacher) is in Gemini: dual personality in his 12 House of limitation, confinement, jail, hospital, subconscious.
His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity - earth energy you are born with) is Aquarius-head of the Dragon: great interest in science, investigation, impulse to feed the world with his knowledge which he did; very successful with computers but attracted to power without success, fear of death (Leo-tail) in his second House of money, self destructive attitude, loves to shock people, egocentric, forced to pay his own karma the hard way, experiencing setbacks and possibly a short life. Learning the movement of the stars would be a blessing for him.

The actuel earth energy, universal transit up to August 2012 is Sagittarius head, positive in his 6th House of health and environment: great possitiliby to defend himself with foreigners, abroad and change of'environment, despite the presence of Nepturne, illusive power.

The tail of the Dragon negative is in Gemini in his 12th House of subconscious, limitations, jail, confinement: scattering energy, lacking focus.

Saturn is actually transiting in Libra (4th House, home): teaching him a lesson about justice.

Born with Pluto in Virgo: obsessed with divulging secrets, this planet now is transiting the sign of Capricorn: forced to die and be reborn in his 7th House of partnership, separation.

His hidden UCI is Scorpio Head of the Dragon in his 8th house of death and rebirth: powerful, magnetic, manipulative, supreme wealth, experiencing intense change. The hidden tail being in Taurus: not lucky with money and possessions, will loose it all many times. On the top of it, there will be a Solar eclipse on November 25 in Sagittarius, representing the past, crisis: he could have bad news about his possible extradition to Sweden.

From Thursday November 17 to Thursday December 22nd, Mercury will be retrograde: concentration of negative celestial energy so be very cautious if driving; be prepared for delays, strikes, accidents, awful weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes.
November 10, 11, 12 and 14, 15, 16: very strong hidden aspect to Pluto giving a dual, double disaster, very large earthquake, tsunami. Also November 23, 24, 29, 30: bridges collapsing, roads cut off, lots of wind and water leading to a panicking population, so avoid driving long distance, be very careful on the road, plan outside these windows. L. Turi

FULL MOON IN TAURUS ON NOVEMBER 10, 2011 - Bad news in the financial world.

Impact of the Moon on each sign:
Aries - Careful with your investments. Wait for the New Moon.
Taurus - Risk of accidents, take care of your health and investments.
Gemini - Wrong time to get involved in projects involving finances. Keep your head, you will survive.
Cancer - Be patient with your friends, no time to start business ventures or associations; wait for the New Moon; could loose a friend if too possessive.
Leo - Possibility of a career change for the best; use your will.
Virgo - Stress on education or dealing with foreigners; find yourself first, do not miss the spirit for the printed word.
Libra - Sad news ahead; time to regenerate physically with exercises. You will receive the benefit of your investments or a settlement very soon.
Scorpio - Sress with a partner if jealous or possessive. Remember the saying: "make love, not war".
Sagittarius - Even if your options are opening up you could still experience stress inducing problems with your neck or throat. Try to relax, let go of the negative people.
Capricorn - Speculations or children education are not doing too well for the next two months, Be creative but not stubborn.
Aquarius - Family matters or home life will stress you, relax.
Pisces - You are encouraged to use mental exploration which will bring relief and monetary gains. Do not have fear to expand. Be careful to speak positively, do not let your words be destructive to you and others.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Karma is being created every moment by our thoughts and we are always judging ourselves by being "bad, lacking, wrong". We have all kinds of thoughts going thru our mind, even murderous thoughts. Our repressed feelings and emotions, unfulfilled longings and desires, all affect the physical operation of our bodies. These things that are called "germs, bacteria, virus", are living organisms that exist in the living "soup" of the world, and they are always there. Whether we allow them to manifest a negative form in our physical body is determined by how we judge ourselves, and from what perspective we are judging ourselves as well. If we are judging our present actions we can get an immediate headache or stump our toe or have an accident.

If we are judging our past actions we can have a lingering, long-term disease like cancer. And we can have all combinations in between, of quick-bad, slow-bad, all different ways that we allow these viruses to work on our bodies. But the viruses, germs or bacteria do not cause illness. Scientists have found that they can change the behaviour of certain viruses, bacteria, germs. But you well know that if a person continues to judge herself negatively they will manifest a different

disease caused by a different bacteria or virus. It is the person's self judgement based on current life or karmic debt, if you will, that allows disease to happen. Nostradamus says that if you don't release yourself of your negative judgement, you will keep getting sick one way or the other.

Extract from Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon

And now to the future: The new Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini, as was said previously, forces a new, universal electronic mean of communication transforming the way we comunicate or educate ourselves as we approach the year 2012. The real estate will be booming again as the country infrastructure is changing: the old road, signals, bridge systems will be replaced by "round points". The stock market will experience recovery in December 2011. The President's proposal of real changes will take place in 2012-2014. The year 2012 marks the beginning of a highly spiritual uplifting golden age for humanity.

Dr.Louis Turi

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO ON OCTOBER 26 - There is nothing more dramatic than a Moon in Scorpio, specially on this 26 of October which is by itself a day "without communication" (Moon void of course - lapse of time between the last major aspect of the Moon and her entry into the next sign). So on that particular day we can expect difficulties to connect with each other. Be prepared !

This New Moon will also be a time of dramatic happenings, death all over, terrorism, etc. as we are entering a Plutonic window: October 25, 26, 27.

Impact of the New Moon on all signs:

Aries - Take the time you need to make a financial commitment aas secrets will be uncovered,

potential for drama.

Taurus - Avoid jealousy and suspicion in your relationships, learn to trust.

Gemini - Your secrets might be uncovered, time to improve your work environment.

Cancer - Drama is around the corner concerning love, romance, children. Control your emotions.

Leo - Good opportunities to learn mystical studies at home. You need your privacy; careful who you invite in your home.

Virgo - You must realize your strong potential through education or a trip; you will find the solution.

Libra - Good time to invest, inherit or to find solutions to help others financially.

Scorpio - Very vulnerable to dramas, crisis, time to control yourself.

Sagittarius - Do not let jealousy or resentment get the best of yourself: regenerate with metaphysics.

Capricorn - Your powerful friends are helping you to realize your wishes.

Aquarius - Great opportunity to improve your career.

Pisces - Your investigation, studies will bring financial reward.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Religious programming will never help anyone to realize the scientific truths the natural universe has for us. But all is not lost if minds will open up to a new way of seeing the printed information in the Bible. The Bible speaks astrology if willing to see it:
"To everything under the Sun there is a season" (Eccl 3:1-10).
"The Moon marks off the seasons, the Sun knows when to set" (Ps 104:19)
The Moon is the faithful witness in the sky (Ps 89:35-37)
There are principles above that govern life on earth and bring forth the Zodiac in its season.

Divine Astrology brings back cosmic consciousness to the world and helps you to understand and translate your own potential. It starts the housing system not by the sign but by the month receiving the constellation of that specific Astrological sign. Even if you are born at the end of the month, let say the 26 of March, you are still a Pisces. Each sign represents a different field of experience.

Now our brain acts as a computer: if you put positive thoughts in it, you will take positive actions, negative thoughts and you might end up on the wrong side of the law. We are strongly
influenced by the planets and specially the Moon:

Gravitational changes in the planets cause field changes inside the sun; these tidal waves cause solar flares from the Sun (gaz eruptions); these solar winds cause particles to hit the earth, which influence the Moon gravitational field; in turn these Moon ionospheric changes provoke Alpha waves on the Earth surface causing emotional changes in individuals, and birth quickening of children (natal effect).

We are also strongly affected by different planets:
- Uranus: weird news, surprises, explosions. October 20/21
- Pluto: Deaths, dramatic news, police. October 12, 13,14,15
- Moon: Flood, forced relocation. October 18, 19, 20


Brigitte, I loved the consultation with you ! I also appreciated the fact that you spent a lot of time (more than the regular span of 1 hour 1/2 for the consultation), for "between women discussion"
and I will always think about your words.
Eva, New York

FULL MOON IN ARIES ON OCTOBER 11. This Full Moon will provoke powerful emotions, wars, explosions and sad news from Germany.

Impact of the Moon on all signs:

- Aries - Practice your patience and diplomacy, you will need them, self control is a must. Reorganization is ahead.
- Taurus - Possibility of loosing a friend or business, get over it.
- Gemini - Wishes delayed for a while; try not to be depressed.
- Cancer - Avoid confrontation with your business partners. Let it go till the New Moon. Accidents to the head are possible.
- Leo - Deception or bad news concerning a trip or a study. Persevere.
- Virgo - Bad news in investments, do not take any chance.
- Libra - Possibility of a break up with your partner in business or love. Be diplomatic.
- Scorpio - Your working environment could bring stress - Watch y0ur health.
- Sagittarius - Fight is in the air with your partner, cool it or regenerate with metaphysics.
- Capricorn - Danger with fire or burn if you work at home, be careful; also friction at home should be avoided with family.
- Aquarius - The next two weeks will be very demanding on your patience; learn to listen, avoid conflict.
- Pisces - You might experience a delay or stress with money, be patient.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Expect sadness from the Middle East, flooding, explosions, etc. Extraterrestrials may manifest.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries - Do not let your fears or negative thoughts overwhelm you; rather start a trip or a new study.
Taurus - Bad news from your friends and your investments could suffer; time to regenerate with a new ideal.
Gemini - A meeting with a new foreigner will make you forget your delays in your career.
Cancer - Deception on a trip; better to postpone it.
Leo -Careful, no involvement with the law; financial crisis.
Virgo - Could experience disappointment with a partner. Move on.
Libra - Stress from your work; keep out of religion or drugs.
Scorpio - Problems with your love life or children but good news in business.
Sagittarius - Stress at home or from family, keep you ideal high.
Capricorn - Sad mail is ahead.
Aquarius - A business deal could end up being deceptive, do not create problems with your loved ones, make new friends.
Pisces - Struggle with family, but good opportunity in business.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


TIME: 6 - 8 PM
ADDRESS: to be Emailed after having registered with Paypal

Please confirm your presence ASAP no later than Tuesday September 6

Each person will receive a 20' Reading - $ 30

Tarots are read as per the Divine Astrology of Nostradamus (rare method of interpreting Astrology: we are all the signs of the zodiac, starting from the birth month and looking at the 12 fields of experience, this is what it means to be human ! I will also give your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), specific energy at your birth which has a profound influence on your life.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Each month we have to deal with three cosmic energies:

- Plutonic: drama, death, police September 9, 28, 29

- Uranic: it symbolizes breaking thru September 8, 9, 18
barriers, explosions,
earthquakes, shocking news

- Moonic: flooding, religions, natural September 20, 21

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pluto (tragedy, sex, secrets) will be back with us September 1. 2, 3, 4, 5. Do not be Pluto's victim. Avoid all confrontations. Emotions, destruction, hate and crime are all parts of Pluto's signature.


It's not about earthquakes: spiritual transformation is the goal. Edgar Cayce readings suggested that whenever war, strife and turmoil occur in the affairs of humankind, sunspots occur as a natural consequence ; in other words, instability among people leads to instability upon the planet and throughout the universe ! "For as the people of each nation pray, and then live that prayer, so must the Spirit work". Edgar Cayce

One of the most interesting dynamics of people working together is that they can raise the "vibration" of energy and thought to a higher level. One hallmark of the Aquarian Age we are entering could be described simply as "purity". There will be a gradual transition between ages. It is quite possible that it will be a generation or two from now that humankind finally looks back and says : "You know, it appears that the real change started to occur around the end of 2012."

In addition to purity, the readings suggest that the Age is ultimately one of globalization in terms of understanding that each individual is responsible for every other individual. Certainly with the globalization of communications brought on by the Internet this may have already become a reality. The readings also state that in addition to globalization and purity spiritual consciousness will reach such an height of development that eventually each individual will be able to communicate directly with the Divine.

The changing events in our world and in our lives are to enable us to remember why we are here. Our planet is in the midst of upheavals that will enable individuals everywhere to eventually gain this realization: with God as our Creator we are all part of the same family. That understanding and experience is our collective destiny. We don't want to fool ourselves; the geological condition of the planet makes some earth changes inevitable. In other words, there will continue to be earthquakes. But the purpose of the changes we are exeriencing is not for the earth changes themselves but simply a step toward reawakening to our destiny as spiritual beings manifesting in the earth. Kevin J. Todeschi


ARIES - Improvement in your health; positive change with your co-workers.
TAURUS - Everything looks clear in your love affairs; be creative.
GEMINI- You could think about working from your home or relocate soon.
CANCER - Thinking about a new health program or a trip with your siblings.
LEO - Good news concerning business or finance.
VIRGO - Improvement in your health and working environment.
LIBRA - Get rid of your fears concerning health and do not criticize.
SCORPIO - You will receive good wishes from your friends; be positive.
SAGITTARIUS - Good news for your career or good ideas are welcome.
CAPRICORN - Foreign contacts are favorised; good time to take a trip or undertake a new study.
AQUARIUS - An unexpected inheritance or financial help will make you happy.
PISCES - A chance to find a new emotional or business partner is ahead.

Friday, August 12, 2011


John M. Richardson, jr. wrote: "When it comes to the future there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, those who wonder what happened !"

August 15, 2012 will see the beginning of the full collapse or rebirth of the Corporate world and banking industry till 2/19/2014, bringing a new monetary and banking system. The new transiting Dragon demands the world to cooperate and communicate in an universal manner. This draconic energy will force a general restructure of all forms of communications; this includes the printed spoken world, magazines, newspapers, radios, the wood/paper industry, forcing a new "universal" electronic mean of communication. This "Act of God" will allow the world to reach a "liberal" wider type of education, preparing humankind for greater changes in communication/education as we approach the year 2012.

On August 15, 2012 the Universal Dragon will move into the sign of Scorpio, sign of death; expect the worse during the Full and New Moon of June/December 2011/2012 as Jupiter and Mercury will make hard asects to other destructive planets.

England, Capricorn country, will undergo the same changes where many members of the Royal Family will experience dramatic happenings. UK residents will find themselves jobless bringing more stress to the Government and its political decisions, same in Australia, India.

On August 2012 the upcoming Dragon's Head in Scorpio (power, corporations) will support and endorse those who have the money and the power. The Tail of the Dragon (hardship, karma) wll move into the sign of Taurus (your money in the bank) and I can only prepare you to a full restructure of the banking industry where it will be totally impossible to bank the way we are doing it today. Remember Scorpio rules also the secret service, the IRS and in no way any of your transactions (cash) will escape our starving bankrupted economy.

This is the end of the Age of Pisces (imagination, control of information, religious poisoning), forcing an implosion in the Middle East where all started 2000 years ago.
Dr. Louis Turi

FULL MOON AUGUST 13 IN THE EXPLOSIVE SIGN OF AQUARIUS (Expect shocking news, incredible information)

Impact of the Full Moon on all signs:
Aries - Expect some shocking news from your friends or groups.
Taurus - Your career may take a weird turn; be careful and do not sign anything before the New Moon.
Gemini - Unexpected communication from abroad might upset you.
Cancer - You regenerate with the unknown. Expect upsetting surprises coming from your business or investments.
Leo - Whatever has not worked with your partners before will come to an head. Risk of rupture.
Virgo - Difficult time ahead in your work environment; try to relax.
Libra - Expect a sudden wind of independance in your relationships which may interfere with your traditional values. Let it happen till the New Moon.
Scorpio - You might have to think about moving due to the weird behaviour of your partner.
Sagittarius - Refrain on your dogmatic teaching; spend time alone to become more crative.
Capricorn - Not a good time for sudden impulses concerning investments, wait for the New Moon.
Aquarius - Expect some shocking, surprising developments in your life or your friends. Stay in control.
Pisces - Your spiritual conflicts may take over; let go of dogmatic materials, get rid of your fears.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


In Divine Astrology everything is related to the Earth and the

Moon, not the Sun. We live in a divine intelligent universe of

energies; men are free to destroy or build things on earth but

they cannot get away with the Cosmos rules.

There are principles above that govern life on earth, responsible

to bring in the seasons. The sun, moon, planets are signes of the

divine which were revered by the Anciens. The Divine Astrology

of Nostradamus gives us the knowledge to interpret these signs.

The Cosmic Code is powerful and fascinating. An era is 2160 years

and we are just leaving the era of Pisces governed by the planet

Nepturne which brought us ignorance, illusions, religions, deceptions, wars.

We are entering officially on December 21, 2012 in the era of Aquarius, gouverned by the planet Uranus: freedom, human rights, new consciousness, new way of thinking, UFO's, but also

shocking news, explosions. To truly understand love and respect each other we mus understand the universal divine language which brings spiritual regeneration, solid direction, physical and spiritual wealth and self esteem. The 12 areas of life or zodiacal signs are the golden keys (as in the figure above). You are not just one sign but all the signs, but in different areas of your life.

The UCI or Unique Celestial Identity is also very important. It is the earth energy you were born with, which gives your mission in life and your karma (past life). Also called Dragon Head and Tail the UCI tells us where we have been ad where we are heading. When associated to a New Moon, an eclipse or a retrograde period, significant karmic events can be expected. KNOW YOUR DRAGON AND YOUR POWER WILL INCREASE DRAMATICALLY. Are you curious to know what your UCI is and what it can do for you ? Just contact me: BGL333@AOL.COM

Your natal UCI can be a blessing or a curse.

Mercury retrograde: Mercury will be retrograde the whole month of August, starting July 29th up to August 31, 2011. During a retrograde period, you can expect, setbacks, frustrations in the area Mercury is moving through: Virgo/Leo, communications, health, services to the world and challenges to push you to be the best of yourself. Also delays and electronic problems.

NEW MOON, July 30th IN LEO. This sign is ruled by the Sun, so expect good surprises concerning love, romance, children. You will have the energy to let go of the wrong involvement and find a new partner. Good news from France, Italy.


Aries - Very positive time with your loved ones or children.

Taurus - Perfect time to take care of your home, decoration, throwing parties, etc.

Gemini - Do not be too bossy ! Communications with your siblings are enhances. Good opportunity to prepare for a trip.

Cancer - Very positive period to invest or start a new business in real estate, food, restaurant.

Leo - The Sun is on yourself, time to shine, lead, etc.

Virgo - Your wishes come true, good communication with the environment, health improves.

Libra - Good time to sign contracts, find new friends, socialize.

Scorpio - Good opportunities for your career, to be a leader, on the stage, changes are coming.

Sagittarius - Trips, vacations ahead are positive, also to start a new study.

Capricorn - You regenerate with your material or spiritual pursuit. An inheritance is possible.

Aquarius - Love, romance are in the air ! Look around you.

Pisces - A new child in the family is possible; good opportunity to improve your health and work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After having explained in a previous article the importance of the UCI (Unique

Celestial Identity), I want to demonstrate how we can use the horoscope to know

immediately the strengths and weaknesses of a child or an adult.

Whitey Bulger (James) born September 3, 1929 (the wasted baby generation when many families were destroyed by the war) in Boston, U.S. is a reputed former

mob boss who was arrested on June 22, 2011 in California.

Dragon Head (positive node of the Moon) Taurus/Dragon Tail (negative node) Scorpio.

Cycle of birth and death, growth and destruction; he must learn to work towards fame, fortune.

Dragon Tail: attracting the wrong crowd, dangerous, could go to jail. Difficult past life so inner fears, nightmares. In the 3rd House, killing himself with his thoughts.

1th House - Virgo, self, perfectionist, precise, critical, want to maintain a sense of purity.

Moon, subconsious fears of disease, cold, calculated

Nepturne, full of illusions, big imagination.

Sun, purification, cleansing

2th House - Libra, Mercury: concerned with equality, justice, justification: (local lore depicted Bulger as a Robin Hood type figure dedicated to protecting the people).

Mars: desire to fight for the weak.

3th House - Scorpio Ascendant, image of destruction on himself. Complex.

4th House - Sagittarius, Saturn strict, religious at home, which generated a variety of hang-ups

and altered his perceptions; fears of foreigners, avoiding travelling abroad, fear of educating himself. Saturn paralyzes the mind from exploring.

6th House - Aquarius, committed with groups (gangs), clandestine relationships

8th House - Aries, Uranus, competitive, likes high tech weapons for destruction, erratic, shocking behaviour.

10th House - Gemini, Jupiter: exhalted ideas

11th House - Cancer, Pluto, exacerbated sensibility with groups, friends.

As you can see, Whitey had the possibility to become famous and wealthy (Dragon Head Taurus), but took a wrong turn by lack of education ! Astropsychology from Nostradamus can help everybody and specially young people to understand themselves.


"I requested a career report for my daughter, it was quite good; it reflected her strong and weak points."


"I had an Astro-Tarots reading: it helped me understand what was going on in my life and to focus on new directions".

Josiane, New York

FULL MOON, JULY 15 IN CAPRICORN - Career problems are emphasized, people become conscious of their rights and ask for them, resulting in promotions or deceptions. Important news from England.

Aries - Change in career, job areas; everything will be for the best.

Taurus - Not the right time to travel for business - Wait for the New Moon.

Gemini - Be diplomatic in your communications or with your siblings; the money you are waiting for could be delayed.

Cancer - No arguments with your partners.

Leo - Be diplomatic with your co-workers, avoid quarrels which put stress on yourself.

Virgo - Wait for New Moon to start new enterprises.

Libra - Your social life might slow down; wait for the New Moon.

Scorpio - Your siblings need you, go and see them.

Sagittarius - You could experience delay in payment, orders, etc., be patient.

Capricorn - Career activities are slow, changes are coming.

Aquarius - Responsibilites might weight heavily on you; consider anxieties and fears as illusions.

Pisces - Problems with friends; a change is needed, be more selective.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


On this July 1st, 2011, we will have two events: a Solar Eclipse and the New Moon: the past breaking away from the future.

"With the Moon so close to the earth, this specific lunation will have an important effect on many of us, especially for the US Government and France's festivities : "La Bastille day". Many political differences will come to the fore and the people may come to act against what they perceive as wrong. Expect the beginning or ending of important phases of your and other people's lives (especially if you are active or were born on that day. This lunation could represent a very significant part of your destiny, even France and the United States of America, a Cancer/Leo nations (July 14, 1789-July 4th, 1776. You may be forced by the universe to let go of your past and forge into your new future. Whatever the changes are, go with confidence. Many will be affected and forced to move on due to war and/or natural catastrophes or simply to further specific wishes."
Dr. Turi

Impact of the New Moon on all signs:

Aries - Good possibility of moving.
Taurus - Positive communications ahead concerning finances.
Gemini - Good time to sell or invest in a new home.
Cancer - This time is all about changes: breaking free from the past and diving into the future.
Leo - A new enterprise or love will make you happy.
Virgo - Go out, make new acquaintances.
Libra - New opportunity for your career. Time to sign contracts.
Scorpio - You could take a trip abroad, undertake a new study or meet foreigners.
Sagittarius - You will feel a burst of energy, an inheritance could be in the air.
Capricorn - A new partner in business or a new companion could be seen.
Aquarius - New work environment is a strong possibility as well as health improvement.
Pisces - A new love or a new enterprise will make you feel secure.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Positive and Negative dates for each month of the year

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Eclipses create changes and crisis in our life, soul lessons specially when they occur in the same signs and houses as your nodal axis. The effects of an eclipse can be felt for 6 months. There are two eclipses in June:

On June 1st, there was a Solar eclipse in Gemini; a solar eclipse represents the past, our unconscious nature and always occurs in New Moon (very important); it relates to sudden events, crisis.

On June 15, there will be a Lunar eclipse; generally we are more sensitive to a Lunar eclipse which always happen on a Full Moon; it represents opportunities to break away of our current cycle and move to a different level; this eclipse will happen in Sagittarius meaning change, new philosophy, new study, new image of ourselves. The key event may occur within the first month and our lives may be stirred up a little but we have the next 4 or 5 months to understand and integrate the lessons. We get two lunar eclipses every year.

Caution Uranic Window on June 18, 19, 20: Surprise, explosion, release of energy, shocking news, earthquakes, etc.

If you are going nowhere and want to know your future invest in a career reading, a progressive report or a session with me; you will learn your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) which explains your strengths and weaknesses. And never forget that thoughts are things and that we create our own life.

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 15: communications, trips are emphasized. Depressing news from foreign lands, religions.

Impact of the Full Moon on all signs:

Aries - Not a time to travel, wait for the New Moon.
Taurus - Not a time to invest. Let go of dogmas, truth is in the stars, do not sign contracts now.
Gemini - Communications, trips abroad are not recommended now. Wait for the New Moon.
Cancer -If you are prone to backaches, get some fresh air or regenerate with animals. Stay positive.
Leo- It's not a good time to travel for opportunities. Careful with your heart.
Virgo - Stress with family, better concentrate on renovating, re-organizing your home.
Libra - Gambling is not an option now. Remove your fears with spiritual work.
Scorpio - Be careful with your finances; wait for the New Moon to invest.
Sagittarius - No time to jump into a new relationship now.
Capricorn - Circumstances could afflict you, secrets are coming out, stay positive and focused.
Aquarius - Sad news from friends.
Pisces - Your career may deceive you. Time to get involved with charity work.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I started the Divine Astrology of Nostradamus I was fascinated with the discovery of the UCI: Unique Celestial identity, which makes the whole difference between the old methods of astrology and this one. UCI is the energy a person is born with, totally different from the zodiacal sign; you can see immediately where a person should go in his/her life and what she/he has to get away from (karma).

Lets take for exemple Donald Trump: He was born on June 14, 1946 in New York; he is a Gemini, feminine sign; his UCI called the Dragon Head (Positive node of the Moon) is also in Gemini, right on himself and the Dragon Tail (Negative Node of the Moon) is in Sagittarius in his 7th house of relationships and open enemies. This is the axis of the lower mind versus the higher mind, double personnality, no respect for others, not lucky with foreign affairs, sense of exaggeration. The Seventh House is also the house of relationships, marriages and contracts. He has had three marriages, so many affairs with foreigners but not lasting.

His hidden Dragon is Aries/Libra: Donald is an inventor, adventurous, competitive, magnetic. He is given the opportunity to learn diplomacy, harmony and love, has to learn patience; has to prove the world he is the best.

Since March 2011 the current Universal Dragon of the earth is Sagittarius/Gemini; as you can see it is the reverse of Donald's Dragon. What does it mean ??? The tail Gemini is on his Dragon Head and on himself as he is a Gemini and the Head of the Universal Dragon Sagittarius is on his Dragon Tail meaning he could have some luck with contracts, relationships for the next 16 months but should be careful with open/known enemies. Also the planet Pluto is on his 8th House of transformation, death and rebirth.

Donald also has Uranus on himself on his 1st House, giving him originality, explosions, etc. He also has Mars and Pluto in his third House of communication: Donald likes to say what he thinks and will push for the stage to win.

The Moon, emotions, is also on his Dragon Tail (negative) in his 7th House of relationships, contracts, etc. meaning very emotional. Et voila !

Knowing your UCI would save you lot of time and errors; it's also useful to know the UCI of your
companion, business partner, etc. to find out if they are really good for you. I am at your disposition for sessions in my office or per telephone/skype. $ 75, Email:

NEW MOON JUNE 1ST IN GEMINI, affecting communications, trips to foreign lands, intellectual pursuits, writing, etc. in a big positive way ! lots of luck !

Aries - Good luck for projects, trips, communication with siblings.
Taurus - Good time to start a business, involving beauty, finances.
Gemini - All ideas, projects, communications are favorised, go for it. Emotions run high, new impulses.
Cancer - Time to start a business from your home, or renovations, improvements. Dreams materialized.
Leo - A new love could appear or new friendship.
Virgo - New opportunities to improve your career - Good thinking.
Libra - Marriage, honeymoon are in the air ! take the leap ! Travelling also.
Scorpio - You regenerate with reading, writing, intellectual pursuits.
Sagittarius - A new relationship, business/love may appear. Projects are favorised.
Capricorn - Time to hire coworkers or to improve your communications with them. Your body is healing.
Aquarius - A new love could appear - Also perfect time to develop a new enterprise.
Pisces - Moving or a new business is on the agenda.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Nostradamus lived in the 1500s in the south of France, in Provence at the time of the Inquisition when anybody not catholic would be burned.
He was a healer and astrologer and could see the weaknesses and possibilities of the person consulting with him through the horoscope. He would then give the consultant a mixture made of plants to heal him.

The Divine Astrology of Nostradamus uses the same horoscope and one can see immediately the qualities and defects of the person consulting, if a relationship will be good for them or not, the position of the planets at birth time acting as impulses. The main element in the chart will be he UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), kind of DNA of the stars, giving the special energy a person was born with.


"As ancient mariners navigated by the stars, so did I through daily life, where Brigitte is an excellent guide".
Lucius Barre, New York

"I was skeptical at first, but when I got my chart, I found it to be amazingly interesting and accurate. I learned a few things about myself I did not know even though I had my natal chart done before by reputable astrologers. I would definitely recommend Brigitte's Astro-Psychology to my friends."
Nicole Lescaut, New York

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO ON MAY 17 - Extreme caution has to be used as Pluto (planet of Scorpio) arouses emotions and crisis occur. Deadly Plutonic window: May 29, 30, 31. Pluto influence being: terrorism, dramas, FBI, police work, etc.

- Aries - Avoid strong reactions, emotivity, possibilities of dramas and new of death.
- Taurus - High sensibility and serious problems with partnerships.
- Gemini - Stress with co-workers, attention to your health.
- Cancer - An old love might be coming back. Problems with children.
- Leo - Not much privacy at home, conflict with family.
- Virgo - In this period of emotivity, sarcasms should be held in check.
- Libra - Do research on your own to find solutions about your money.
- Scorpio - Do not impose your overbearing will upon others or you may start a crisis.
- Sagittarius - You regenerate in reading, learning or teaching and deep metaphysical studies, use your intuition.
- Capricorn - Sad news from friends, secrets come in the open.
- Aquarius - Shocking news in matter of career -
- Pisces - Not a time to travel, stress with foreigners.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by a special vibration and an element which in turn give us also their weaknesses:

Aries - Element Fire, the head will be vulnerable
Taurus - Element Earth, throat and neck are vulnerable
Gemini - Element Air - their weaknesses are the nervous system, the chest
Cancer - Element Water - the skin, stomach are vulnerable
Leo - Element Fire, the heart is vulnerable
Virgo - Element Earth, intestines, abdomen have to be watched
Libra - Element Air, the kidneys are weak
Scorpio - Element Water, sexual organs are vulnerable
Sagittarius - Element Fire, hip, thigh are vulnerable
Capricorn - Element Earth, the spine, articulation
Aquarius - Element Air, the ankles are the weak point
Pisces - Element Eau, the feet are vulnerable.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS ON MAY 2ND bringing a sense of security and wealth.

Aries - Positive time to improve your finances and security.
Taurus - Time to brighten up in comfort and security.
Gemini - It becomes easier to detach yourself or to become more possessive - duality.
Cancer - Thanks to the power of Venus, friendships become more possessive and sensual. Projects are stable.
Leo - Persistence in your goals pays off, specially for artists where raw materials are involved.
Virgo - Concrete realization of your ideas.
Libra - Improve management of your affairs with different methods to further your financial
or material goals.
Scorpio - Good possibility to find a stable partner showing affection and able to contribute to your work.
Sagittarius - Work and health are improving. Feeling the need to be useful.
Capricorn - Good time to speculate in business, also great artistic power.
Aquarius - Desire of stability - Increase in wealth.
Pisces - The mental slows down, interested in the material, acute feelings of beauty and images.
time favorable to trips, communications.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


In April we have a stellium (group) of 4 planets in Aries (the red part) generating a lot of motivation, enthusiasm, unexpected actions and brash energy. This is the best time to learn something new or join a course or study. Artists will be able to perform extra-ordinary well ! The 4 planets are: Jupiter (luck, expansion), Mars (decision), Venus (love) and Uranus (new consciousness). Expect talks about UFO's, extraterrestrial life which will raise our ideals.

"When Cosmic consciousness is lacking, science, conspiracies and religions take over. There are no accidents, just consequences the 5 logical human senses cannot perceive yet."

L. Turi

In your chart, each planet has its importance: too much Nepturne and you will be the prey of religions, doctrines; too much Pluto and you will not be able to control your emotions, dramas, etc.; too much Saturn and you will be too logical, looking at the forest and not seeing the trees ! Find out your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) which can offer you crucial information about your true options to build emotional, financial, spiritual stability. Knowing how God designed you to deal with money, love, career, etc. including respecting the rules becomes a serious complement and a sure key to succeed in all your endeavours. This is the Cosmic Code.

NOTE: I am offering now the 2011 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for each sign. This is your best option to get the best predictions and directions for the upcoming year.

Also order your personal Dragon Dates for the year: This service is highly recommended if you want to be at the right time, at the right place with the right people. Ride the Dragon Head (Positive Node of the Moon) and see incredible results in all your endeavours. Please contact me for details:

Weather warning: April 24, 25, 26 could see a big earthquake.

All souls born in June or December, or having a Natal, hidden Dragon or an Ascendant in these signs will have a full restructure of their lives during the next 17 months. Jupiter/Mercury impact will affect partnerships forcing a re-evaluation of what has been accepted as true. Find out these details in a session with me.


"I had an Astro Tarots Reading: It helped me understand what was going on in my life and to focus on new directions".

Josiane, New York "

C'etait ma premiere experience et c'etait vraiment important. J'ai trouve cette experience tres enrichissante et jolie. Cela m'a fait reflechir et j'ai senti tout le temps de la seance que cett dame ne pensait qu'a moi : je la remercie et espere pouvoir revenir la voir".

Martine Barrat

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO SUNDAY APRIL 17th Anger, sex offenders, dramatic happenings, death all over, secrets uncovered:

ARIES - Possibility of trouble with money making schemes and business partners. Take your time to investigate before investing.

TAURUS - If possessive or suspicious, you will have to endure a form of life or death experience in your relationships.

GEMINI - Could be depressed, respiratory problems; just go out, enjoy your life.

CANCER - Drama in affairs of love, romance, children. Regenerate with Astropsychology.

LEO - Could have conflict at home. Stay positive.

VIRGO - Not a time to start a business or relationship. Keep cool. Regenerate with cosmic consciousness.

LIBRA - Negative period to sign a contract, to invest. Wait for the New Moon.

SCORPIO - Control your emotions, they could be overbearing for others.

SAGITTARIUS - Do not be depressed. Regenerate in readig, learning, teaching metaphysics, reach your true spirit.

CAPRICORN - Beware of conflicts with your friends leading to dramas.

AQUARIUS - Shocking surprises with friends. Regenerate with Astropsychology.

PISCES - Could undergo a deep spiritual, religious metamorphosis.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dear friends,

Lately, world news are increasingly filled with cataclysms of epic proportions. Weather-related disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics, plagues, terrorism, and war are creating discomfort among the inhabitants of this world. It is as if some strange forces are enveloping the planet in an epoch of tragedies. Considering the biblical prophecies of an era of catastrophic changes, it can be alarming to watch what is happening. But a closer look at biblical prophecy, Mayan prophecy and Edgar Cayce (the sleepin prophet) reveals a dfferent message.

What is often forgotten is that biblical prophecies predict ultimate peace and joy on earth. The difficult transition times are followed by enlightened, happy times. For example, though Jesus predicted famines, plagues, earthquakes and wars, He followed this by saying: "All these things are the beginning of birth pains (Matt. 24:8, World English Bible)these"birth pains" are the necessary dilating of humanity's heart and mind to a degree of love and perception that will accomodate the birth of a golden age. Cayce said that during what he termed the coming "Aquarian Age" we would gain "the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with or to be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces).These powers existed in Atlantis and Lemuria and brought destruction.

However this long, difficult journey is coming to an end ! Cayce also connects the coming New Age with a time when the planet's poles will begin to shift. In 2004 scientists announced that the earth poles are beginning to shift. According to the Mayans the age we have been living in began August 13, 3113 B.C. and is called the Age of Movement; it has been a long period of change. This Age of Movement, according to the Mayan prophecies, will end on December 22, 2012. The Navajo, who received some of their ancient wisdom from the Mayans say that the new Age will be the Age of the Spirit of all Living Things. It will be a short age, to be followed by an age called the Return to Oneness. Clearly we are on a journey toward Light, Love, Hope and Joy !
J.V Auken

Be ready for the ending of a portion of your working life. Disturbing news are ahead of you, be ready to accept these changes, as you might have to service this world in a different manner. Life is never stagnant, so learning to embrace change is part of the whole lesson. Don't be too critical with your or other people performances. Naturally health oriented Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will be touched directly, this Full Moon will affect your mental processes and could make you prone to worry about your health. On a negative note you can expect oil spills and aeronautic accidents, so avoid flying if you can. Not a time to take chances signing important contracts. To travel or start new projects, wait until the next New Moon.

Lunation Impact on all signs:

ARIES - Do not worry too much about your health; expect some changes at work soon.
TAURUS - Don't be too critical about a lover and don't worry about the children too much.
GEMINI - Planning on a move ? don't let your family put too much stress on you.
CANCER - Keep your imagination in control, no one is perfect. Paper work must be done.
LEO - Be ready to positively spend money on your health or your image. Look good.
VIRGO - Love or business may bring stress, don't be sarcastic and you will be fine.
LIBRA - Some affairs of your past may surface, don't nurture guilt, move on.
SCORPIO - A friend may deceive you; wait for a while, one of your wishes will come true.
SAGITTARIUS - Career and traveling plans must be changed; the New Moon will bring joy.
CAPRICORN - Difficult news from foreign lands, don't stress in any of your studies.
AQUARIUS - Money spent against your will, difficult news if your stars are afflicted.
PISCES - A business or emotional partner makes your life misery, clean up time.