Sunday, July 31, 2011


In Divine Astrology everything is related to the Earth and the

Moon, not the Sun. We live in a divine intelligent universe of

energies; men are free to destroy or build things on earth but

they cannot get away with the Cosmos rules.

There are principles above that govern life on earth, responsible

to bring in the seasons. The sun, moon, planets are signes of the

divine which were revered by the Anciens. The Divine Astrology

of Nostradamus gives us the knowledge to interpret these signs.

The Cosmic Code is powerful and fascinating. An era is 2160 years

and we are just leaving the era of Pisces governed by the planet

Nepturne which brought us ignorance, illusions, religions, deceptions, wars.

We are entering officially on December 21, 2012 in the era of Aquarius, gouverned by the planet Uranus: freedom, human rights, new consciousness, new way of thinking, UFO's, but also

shocking news, explosions. To truly understand love and respect each other we mus understand the universal divine language which brings spiritual regeneration, solid direction, physical and spiritual wealth and self esteem. The 12 areas of life or zodiacal signs are the golden keys (as in the figure above). You are not just one sign but all the signs, but in different areas of your life.

The UCI or Unique Celestial Identity is also very important. It is the earth energy you were born with, which gives your mission in life and your karma (past life). Also called Dragon Head and Tail the UCI tells us where we have been ad where we are heading. When associated to a New Moon, an eclipse or a retrograde period, significant karmic events can be expected. KNOW YOUR DRAGON AND YOUR POWER WILL INCREASE DRAMATICALLY. Are you curious to know what your UCI is and what it can do for you ? Just contact me: BGL333@AOL.COM

Your natal UCI can be a blessing or a curse.

Mercury retrograde: Mercury will be retrograde the whole month of August, starting July 29th up to August 31, 2011. During a retrograde period, you can expect, setbacks, frustrations in the area Mercury is moving through: Virgo/Leo, communications, health, services to the world and challenges to push you to be the best of yourself. Also delays and electronic problems.

NEW MOON, July 30th IN LEO. This sign is ruled by the Sun, so expect good surprises concerning love, romance, children. You will have the energy to let go of the wrong involvement and find a new partner. Good news from France, Italy.


Aries - Very positive time with your loved ones or children.

Taurus - Perfect time to take care of your home, decoration, throwing parties, etc.

Gemini - Do not be too bossy ! Communications with your siblings are enhances. Good opportunity to prepare for a trip.

Cancer - Very positive period to invest or start a new business in real estate, food, restaurant.

Leo - The Sun is on yourself, time to shine, lead, etc.

Virgo - Your wishes come true, good communication with the environment, health improves.

Libra - Good time to sign contracts, find new friends, socialize.

Scorpio - Good opportunities for your career, to be a leader, on the stage, changes are coming.

Sagittarius - Trips, vacations ahead are positive, also to start a new study.

Capricorn - You regenerate with your material or spiritual pursuit. An inheritance is possible.

Aquarius - Love, romance are in the air ! Look around you.

Pisces - A new child in the family is possible; good opportunity to improve your health and work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After having explained in a previous article the importance of the UCI (Unique

Celestial Identity), I want to demonstrate how we can use the horoscope to know

immediately the strengths and weaknesses of a child or an adult.

Whitey Bulger (James) born September 3, 1929 (the wasted baby generation when many families were destroyed by the war) in Boston, U.S. is a reputed former

mob boss who was arrested on June 22, 2011 in California.

Dragon Head (positive node of the Moon) Taurus/Dragon Tail (negative node) Scorpio.

Cycle of birth and death, growth and destruction; he must learn to work towards fame, fortune.

Dragon Tail: attracting the wrong crowd, dangerous, could go to jail. Difficult past life so inner fears, nightmares. In the 3rd House, killing himself with his thoughts.

1th House - Virgo, self, perfectionist, precise, critical, want to maintain a sense of purity.

Moon, subconsious fears of disease, cold, calculated

Nepturne, full of illusions, big imagination.

Sun, purification, cleansing

2th House - Libra, Mercury: concerned with equality, justice, justification: (local lore depicted Bulger as a Robin Hood type figure dedicated to protecting the people).

Mars: desire to fight for the weak.

3th House - Scorpio Ascendant, image of destruction on himself. Complex.

4th House - Sagittarius, Saturn strict, religious at home, which generated a variety of hang-ups

and altered his perceptions; fears of foreigners, avoiding travelling abroad, fear of educating himself. Saturn paralyzes the mind from exploring.

6th House - Aquarius, committed with groups (gangs), clandestine relationships

8th House - Aries, Uranus, competitive, likes high tech weapons for destruction, erratic, shocking behaviour.

10th House - Gemini, Jupiter: exhalted ideas

11th House - Cancer, Pluto, exacerbated sensibility with groups, friends.

As you can see, Whitey had the possibility to become famous and wealthy (Dragon Head Taurus), but took a wrong turn by lack of education ! Astropsychology from Nostradamus can help everybody and specially young people to understand themselves.


"I requested a career report for my daughter, it was quite good; it reflected her strong and weak points."


"I had an Astro-Tarots reading: it helped me understand what was going on in my life and to focus on new directions".

Josiane, New York

FULL MOON, JULY 15 IN CAPRICORN - Career problems are emphasized, people become conscious of their rights and ask for them, resulting in promotions or deceptions. Important news from England.

Aries - Change in career, job areas; everything will be for the best.

Taurus - Not the right time to travel for business - Wait for the New Moon.

Gemini - Be diplomatic in your communications or with your siblings; the money you are waiting for could be delayed.

Cancer - No arguments with your partners.

Leo - Be diplomatic with your co-workers, avoid quarrels which put stress on yourself.

Virgo - Wait for New Moon to start new enterprises.

Libra - Your social life might slow down; wait for the New Moon.

Scorpio - Your siblings need you, go and see them.

Sagittarius - You could experience delay in payment, orders, etc., be patient.

Capricorn - Career activities are slow, changes are coming.

Aquarius - Responsibilites might weight heavily on you; consider anxieties and fears as illusions.

Pisces - Problems with friends; a change is needed, be more selective.