Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UCI's of the presidential candidates

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. So, his zodiacal sign is Pisces/Virgo, Republican and Mormon, perfectionist, intuitive with a blind acceptance of religious dogmas. Ascendant Pisces also, definitively a lot under the deceptive influence of Nepturne (Pisces).

His UCI (earth energy at his birth) is Gemini/Sagittarius; Gemini Head: double personnality, gifted with communications, his lesson is to adapt to others' point of view. Sagittarius Tail: not lucky with foreigners, foreign affairs and the legal system.

His hidden Dragon being Cancer head/Capricorn Tail, again he should have a family type of career and not be involved with Government.

The Universal earth energy or Dragon being Sagittarius Head up to next August 2012, sitting right on his own Dragon Tail on his 10th House of career is bringing him a little opportunity to run for President up to next August, no more. His Moon in Scorpio (magnetism, mysticism) and Jupiter also in Scorpio give him an investigative, secretive nature.

Herman Cain: Born in Atlanta on December 13, 1945 is a Sagittarius/Gemini, a truth seeker; his UCI is Cancer Head on 8th House of regeneration and Corporation, emotional and sensitive, very much controlled by the fluctuations of the Moon; his mission is to go into the food industry (which he did with his pizza business, hotel, restaurant); he also connects very well with people; should have a home and family type of career, he is very responsible and practical. His Capricorn Tail shows he is not lucky with government and should not work with other people money. Moon in Pisces: dreams, deceptions, imagination at home.

Ascendant Virgo (planet Mercury) he loves to be involved in every domain, to analyze and understand. His hidden Dragon Scorpio/Taurus makes him very magnetic, powerful, sexual. He should definitively learn the Universal Laws.

The Universal Dragon being Sagittarius/Gemini, he got the Head of this Dragon on himself which has helped him to be propulsed towards candidacy, but the Tail of this Dragon being Gemini is sitting right on his 7th House of partnership which will bring him stress. The next Universal Dragon starting in August 2012 being Scorpio/Taurus will force him to reevaluate and stay in the pizza business.

Now we have Mercury Retrograde up to December 23 (electronic glitches, delays, lack of communication, accidents) and also a Solar Eclipse on November 25 right on the New Moon in Sagittarius. This eclipse represents the past, our unconscious nature and could bring important change; it relates to sudden events, crisis.

New Moon November 24 in Sagittarius: As Jupiter rules this sign, expect to hear from foreign Affairs, religious new laws, deceiving preachers, etc. Implosion of the Middle East on itself as new rulers have not been found.

Aries - Thinking about moving, travelling abroad, new image of yourself.

Taurus - Prone to open a business, bank account outside your own country and doing very well.

Gemini - Your partner will be on the move, could have a separation, let them go; soon you will find somebody else.

Cancer - Change of environment - take care of your investment.

Leo - Good time to create, start a new activity with foreigners; it will be long lasting.

Virgo - You will find time to reorganize your home or find a new partner.

Libra - Positive communications with far away siblings or foreigners, use diplomacy.

Scorpio - Investments abroad are favorised or you could receive an inheritance.

Sagittarius - Be open to new ideas, books, etc. they will be rewarding.

Capricorn -Conflict with foreigners concerning real estate, food, restaurants. It will be solved, be patient.

Aquarius - Happy opportunity to enlarge your group of friends of to find a new lover.

Pisces - Happy changes in your home, or relocation.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Julian Assange's Personality explained with Nostradamus method

Julian Assange was born on July 3rd, 1971 in Townsville, Australia under the sign of Cancer (interested in family, home, security).
Sun in Cancer: his goal is to establish and learn all about emotions and feed the world: he is feeding the world all right by divulging secrets.
Moon in Scorpio, water sign, makes him very susceptible to the Moon fluctuations. This placement shows a dramatic childhood, making him magnetic with a terrific intuition but predestines him to a dramatic loss. As always, when the Moon crosses this sign, dramas are happenings.
Saturn (the teacher) is in Gemini: dual personality in his 12 House of limitation, confinement, jail, hospital, subconscious.
His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity - earth energy you are born with) is Aquarius-head of the Dragon: great interest in science, investigation, impulse to feed the world with his knowledge which he did; very successful with computers but attracted to power without success, fear of death (Leo-tail) in his second House of money, self destructive attitude, loves to shock people, egocentric, forced to pay his own karma the hard way, experiencing setbacks and possibly a short life. Learning the movement of the stars would be a blessing for him.

The actuel earth energy, universal transit up to August 2012 is Sagittarius head, positive in his 6th House of health and environment: great possitiliby to defend himself with foreigners, abroad and change of'environment, despite the presence of Nepturne, illusive power.

The tail of the Dragon negative is in Gemini in his 12th House of subconscious, limitations, jail, confinement: scattering energy, lacking focus.

Saturn is actually transiting in Libra (4th House, home): teaching him a lesson about justice.

Born with Pluto in Virgo: obsessed with divulging secrets, this planet now is transiting the sign of Capricorn: forced to die and be reborn in his 7th House of partnership, separation.

His hidden UCI is Scorpio Head of the Dragon in his 8th house of death and rebirth: powerful, magnetic, manipulative, supreme wealth, experiencing intense change. The hidden tail being in Taurus: not lucky with money and possessions, will loose it all many times. On the top of it, there will be a Solar eclipse on November 25 in Sagittarius, representing the past, crisis: he could have bad news about his possible extradition to Sweden.

From Thursday November 17 to Thursday December 22nd, Mercury will be retrograde: concentration of negative celestial energy so be very cautious if driving; be prepared for delays, strikes, accidents, awful weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes.
November 10, 11, 12 and 14, 15, 16: very strong hidden aspect to Pluto giving a dual, double disaster, very large earthquake, tsunami. Also November 23, 24, 29, 30: bridges collapsing, roads cut off, lots of wind and water leading to a panicking population, so avoid driving long distance, be very careful on the road, plan outside these windows. L. Turi

FULL MOON IN TAURUS ON NOVEMBER 10, 2011 - Bad news in the financial world.

Impact of the Moon on each sign:
Aries - Careful with your investments. Wait for the New Moon.
Taurus - Risk of accidents, take care of your health and investments.
Gemini - Wrong time to get involved in projects involving finances. Keep your head, you will survive.
Cancer - Be patient with your friends, no time to start business ventures or associations; wait for the New Moon; could loose a friend if too possessive.
Leo - Possibility of a career change for the best; use your will.
Virgo - Stress on education or dealing with foreigners; find yourself first, do not miss the spirit for the printed word.
Libra - Sad news ahead; time to regenerate physically with exercises. You will receive the benefit of your investments or a settlement very soon.
Scorpio - Sress with a partner if jealous or possessive. Remember the saying: "make love, not war".
Sagittarius - Even if your options are opening up you could still experience stress inducing problems with your neck or throat. Try to relax, let go of the negative people.
Capricorn - Speculations or children education are not doing too well for the next two months, Be creative but not stubborn.
Aquarius - Family matters or home life will stress you, relax.
Pisces - You are encouraged to use mental exploration which will bring relief and monetary gains. Do not have fear to expand. Be careful to speak positively, do not let your words be destructive to you and others.