Wednesday, July 15, 2009

- A Natal or Career Reading: This detailed, personalized Reading will show your direct link with the Cosmos, giving you the signification of the planets in your chart, the specific energy under which you were born, your soul mission and the karmic residues you have to get away from (specific problems). Turning points (dates) in your life will also be emphasized. It is also an excellent tool for teenagers orientation and for parents more profound understanding of their children skills.
- A Progressive Reading: This report will give you dates and directions for the following year in the 12 areas of your life, comparing it to the Natal or Career Chart, specially concerning Love, Money, Career. This is a "must every year".
- A Comparison Chart: Compatibility between two partners, being business partners, marriage, relationship, etc. A must before signing a contract, this report will give you the strength or weaknesses of the person involved, the difficulties or opportunities you may face. Knowledge is power.
- Business cycle - From the date the business started, positive or negative periods of the year concerning the evolution of the business. Best time to hire people, to expand the business, to sign contracts, etc. The periods are the same every year.
- Personal Cycle - Positive or negative periods of the year concerning the best time to travel, when to ask for a raise, to get married, etc.
- Life Cycle - The seven periods of the soul cycle during the solar year are very useful to determine the real character of a person; they are also an excellent guide to explain the tendencies and the best professions for her personnality.
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