Saturday, April 30, 2011


Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by a special vibration and an element which in turn give us also their weaknesses:

Aries - Element Fire, the head will be vulnerable
Taurus - Element Earth, throat and neck are vulnerable
Gemini - Element Air - their weaknesses are the nervous system, the chest
Cancer - Element Water - the skin, stomach are vulnerable
Leo - Element Fire, the heart is vulnerable
Virgo - Element Earth, intestines, abdomen have to be watched
Libra - Element Air, the kidneys are weak
Scorpio - Element Water, sexual organs are vulnerable
Sagittarius - Element Fire, hip, thigh are vulnerable
Capricorn - Element Earth, the spine, articulation
Aquarius - Element Air, the ankles are the weak point
Pisces - Element Eau, the feet are vulnerable.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS ON MAY 2ND bringing a sense of security and wealth.

Aries - Positive time to improve your finances and security.
Taurus - Time to brighten up in comfort and security.
Gemini - It becomes easier to detach yourself or to become more possessive - duality.
Cancer - Thanks to the power of Venus, friendships become more possessive and sensual. Projects are stable.
Leo - Persistence in your goals pays off, specially for artists where raw materials are involved.
Virgo - Concrete realization of your ideas.
Libra - Improve management of your affairs with different methods to further your financial
or material goals.
Scorpio - Good possibility to find a stable partner showing affection and able to contribute to your work.
Sagittarius - Work and health are improving. Feeling the need to be useful.
Capricorn - Good time to speculate in business, also great artistic power.
Aquarius - Desire of stability - Increase in wealth.
Pisces - The mental slows down, interested in the material, acute feelings of beauty and images.
time favorable to trips, communications.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


In April we have a stellium (group) of 4 planets in Aries (the red part) generating a lot of motivation, enthusiasm, unexpected actions and brash energy. This is the best time to learn something new or join a course or study. Artists will be able to perform extra-ordinary well ! The 4 planets are: Jupiter (luck, expansion), Mars (decision), Venus (love) and Uranus (new consciousness). Expect talks about UFO's, extraterrestrial life which will raise our ideals.

"When Cosmic consciousness is lacking, science, conspiracies and religions take over. There are no accidents, just consequences the 5 logical human senses cannot perceive yet."

L. Turi

In your chart, each planet has its importance: too much Nepturne and you will be the prey of religions, doctrines; too much Pluto and you will not be able to control your emotions, dramas, etc.; too much Saturn and you will be too logical, looking at the forest and not seeing the trees ! Find out your UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) which can offer you crucial information about your true options to build emotional, financial, spiritual stability. Knowing how God designed you to deal with money, love, career, etc. including respecting the rules becomes a serious complement and a sure key to succeed in all your endeavours. This is the Cosmic Code.

NOTE: I am offering now the 2011 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for each sign. This is your best option to get the best predictions and directions for the upcoming year.

Also order your personal Dragon Dates for the year: This service is highly recommended if you want to be at the right time, at the right place with the right people. Ride the Dragon Head (Positive Node of the Moon) and see incredible results in all your endeavours. Please contact me for details:

Weather warning: April 24, 25, 26 could see a big earthquake.

All souls born in June or December, or having a Natal, hidden Dragon or an Ascendant in these signs will have a full restructure of their lives during the next 17 months. Jupiter/Mercury impact will affect partnerships forcing a re-evaluation of what has been accepted as true. Find out these details in a session with me.


"I had an Astro Tarots Reading: It helped me understand what was going on in my life and to focus on new directions".

Josiane, New York "

C'etait ma premiere experience et c'etait vraiment important. J'ai trouve cette experience tres enrichissante et jolie. Cela m'a fait reflechir et j'ai senti tout le temps de la seance que cett dame ne pensait qu'a moi : je la remercie et espere pouvoir revenir la voir".

Martine Barrat

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO SUNDAY APRIL 17th Anger, sex offenders, dramatic happenings, death all over, secrets uncovered:

ARIES - Possibility of trouble with money making schemes and business partners. Take your time to investigate before investing.

TAURUS - If possessive or suspicious, you will have to endure a form of life or death experience in your relationships.

GEMINI - Could be depressed, respiratory problems; just go out, enjoy your life.

CANCER - Drama in affairs of love, romance, children. Regenerate with Astropsychology.

LEO - Could have conflict at home. Stay positive.

VIRGO - Not a time to start a business or relationship. Keep cool. Regenerate with cosmic consciousness.

LIBRA - Negative period to sign a contract, to invest. Wait for the New Moon.

SCORPIO - Control your emotions, they could be overbearing for others.

SAGITTARIUS - Do not be depressed. Regenerate in readig, learning, teaching metaphysics, reach your true spirit.

CAPRICORN - Beware of conflicts with your friends leading to dramas.

AQUARIUS - Shocking surprises with friends. Regenerate with Astropsychology.

PISCES - Could undergo a deep spiritual, religious metamorphosis.