Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dear friends,

Lately, world news are increasingly filled with cataclysms of epic proportions. Weather-related disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics, plagues, terrorism, and war are creating discomfort among the inhabitants of this world. It is as if some strange forces are enveloping the planet in an epoch of tragedies. Considering the biblical prophecies of an era of catastrophic changes, it can be alarming to watch what is happening. But a closer look at biblical prophecy, Mayan prophecy and Edgar Cayce (the sleepin prophet) reveals a dfferent message.

What is often forgotten is that biblical prophecies predict ultimate peace and joy on earth. The difficult transition times are followed by enlightened, happy times. For example, though Jesus predicted famines, plagues, earthquakes and wars, He followed this by saying: "All these things are the beginning of birth pains (Matt. 24:8, World English Bible)these"birth pains" are the necessary dilating of humanity's heart and mind to a degree of love and perception that will accomodate the birth of a golden age. Cayce said that during what he termed the coming "Aquarian Age" we would gain "the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with or to be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces).These powers existed in Atlantis and Lemuria and brought destruction.

However this long, difficult journey is coming to an end ! Cayce also connects the coming New Age with a time when the planet's poles will begin to shift. In 2004 scientists announced that the earth poles are beginning to shift. According to the Mayans the age we have been living in began August 13, 3113 B.C. and is called the Age of Movement; it has been a long period of change. This Age of Movement, according to the Mayan prophecies, will end on December 22, 2012. The Navajo, who received some of their ancient wisdom from the Mayans say that the new Age will be the Age of the Spirit of all Living Things. It will be a short age, to be followed by an age called the Return to Oneness. Clearly we are on a journey toward Light, Love, Hope and Joy !
J.V Auken

Be ready for the ending of a portion of your working life. Disturbing news are ahead of you, be ready to accept these changes, as you might have to service this world in a different manner. Life is never stagnant, so learning to embrace change is part of the whole lesson. Don't be too critical with your or other people performances. Naturally health oriented Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will be touched directly, this Full Moon will affect your mental processes and could make you prone to worry about your health. On a negative note you can expect oil spills and aeronautic accidents, so avoid flying if you can. Not a time to take chances signing important contracts. To travel or start new projects, wait until the next New Moon.

Lunation Impact on all signs:

ARIES - Do not worry too much about your health; expect some changes at work soon.
TAURUS - Don't be too critical about a lover and don't worry about the children too much.
GEMINI - Planning on a move ? don't let your family put too much stress on you.
CANCER - Keep your imagination in control, no one is perfect. Paper work must be done.
LEO - Be ready to positively spend money on your health or your image. Look good.
VIRGO - Love or business may bring stress, don't be sarcastic and you will be fine.
LIBRA - Some affairs of your past may surface, don't nurture guilt, move on.
SCORPIO - A friend may deceive you; wait for a while, one of your wishes will come true.
SAGITTARIUS - Career and traveling plans must be changed; the New Moon will bring joy.
CAPRICORN - Difficult news from foreign lands, don't stress in any of your studies.
AQUARIUS - Money spent against your will, difficult news if your stars are afflicted.
PISCES - A business or emotional partner makes your life misery, clean up time.