Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking. We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives."
Albert Einstein

This is exactly what I am trying to offer with the method of Nostradamus, Astrology and Tarots.

"My mother told me that one of your predictions just realized: You told her there would be a stop in her activities before March and at that time she would not understand it; then she had a second operation of the breast".
JT, New York

"Thank you Brigitte for yesterday: I was very moved to hear finally what I have been feeling for many years; it was like if I had accepted evidences at last that I was refusing to hear, the impression to be renewed, also very moved concerning my country of origin, the Cameroun".

May I remind you of my latest predictions which came true: March 16, 17, 18, Uranic period,
weird news, surprises, explosions, earthquakes (the Mexico one).

March 24, 25, 26, Plutonic period: Famous death, dramatic news, police, FBI, secrets, scandals,
terrorism, death news.

March 29, 30, 31 Moonic period: Beginning, ending of important portion of life, forced relocation, destructive weather.

Impact of the New Moon on all signs: This new Moon will see friction with family members, war, aggressivity. March spirit must be channelled into constructive endeavours, real estate, administration, construction or running a business from home.

Aries - Emotions get high, impatience with family members. Good opportunity to start a business from home.
Taurus - Avoid confusion - A new cycle is starting, take control of your emotions.
Gemini - Good news from friends or associations bringing a surge of energy.
Cancer - A promotion or a new business will bring excitement.
Leo - Good news from abroad or a trip will bring necessary changes.
Virgo - You will experience a rebirth in your business or a raise; good time to start a new activity.
Libra - Avoid aggressivity in your partnership, love or business, frictions could lead to a separation.
Scorpio - Time of emotional trouble will lead you to become stronger and to find constructive compromises in your environment.
Sagittarius - Great time to expand your endeavours - Control of emotions is needed in your love affairs.
Capricorn - Possibility of conflict at home; use compromise.
Aquarius - Comunications are good, stay objective.
Pisces - A change in your finances, investments; keep an open mind.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The Mayans identify 2012 as the end of an Age called the "Sun of Movement" or Age of changes. It officially ends on December 21st, 2012 and terminates a 5,125 year long cycle in the Mayan Calendar. So we are witnessing the ending of an Age and the beginning of another one, the Age of Spirit, a new awareness.

It is said in the Biblical Book of Revelation that "Satan's negative influences will be gone from earth for a golden Age lasting 1000 years". Revelation 20:2-7

2012 is also the end of 4 major cycles: the era of Pisces or 2160 years, era of delusion, deception, illusion, naval battles, etc. and the entrance in the era of Aquarius: humanism, freedom of expression, electronics, UFO's, weird news, all secrets in the open etc. At the same time, Earth's 26000 year Precession Cycle of the Equinoxes finds completion. 2012 is also the end of a 104000 year cycle composed of 4 great cycles; but very surprisingly it is also the completion of our Solar System's 225 million year Galactic orbit, the year of the Harmonic Convergence: Earth is entering a new reality as third dimensional energy (negative influences, hate, violence, subjugation) diminishes and fourth dimensional energy arrives (harmony, longevity, self knowledge, telepathic communication). Men will start thinking for themselves so they will not be controlled anymore.

What's happening in the Middle East is really the beginning of the manifestations of the Aquarius Era, people are waking up.

I can add that Aquarius is known as the "water bearer"; the Age of Aquarius will be also known as the Age of water, water being the new gold.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


With Mercury Retrograde from March 5 to April 9, expect all kinds of mishaps: delays, electronic problems and awful weather (hurricanes, tornadoes) which have alrady started. This is a turbulent time for diplomacy as well as personal partnerships.

March 2 - 3: Moonic Period Beginning/ending of important Portion of life/forced relocation/ destructive weather.

March 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and also 25, 26, 27 Plutonic Period Pluto is back with us, be careful what you say, do or where you go. Famous death, dramatic news, Police, FBI, scandals, terrorism, finances, etc.

March 16, 17, 18: Uranic Period Weird news, surprise, explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes, discovery, aeronautics, UFO.

Impact of the Full Moon on each sign:

Aries - Upsetting time for relationship, new start in love, be flexible, could receive gifts.
Taurus - A need for changes and re-orientation in your working environment. Make compromises.
Gemini - Stress with imagination, romance, use psychology; control your passions.
Cancer - Risk of confrontation at home, stay calm.
Leo - Stay objective in a chaotic enviroment.
Virgo - Money situations will be fluid, be diplomatic.
Libra - Stress with people around you; your faculty of adaptation is put to work, heavy time.
Scorpio - There is a risk of loosing everything if you stay passive or defeatist.
Sagittarius - Avoid fight with friends - Use psychology.
Capricorn - Not a time to put new plans into action, wait for the New Moon.
Aquarius - A trip could be postponed or bad news from abroad.
Pisces - Confusion in business - Wait for the New Moon to make decisions.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Richard John Santorum (Rick), born May 10th, 1958 in Winchester, Virginia was a lawyer before becoming the Representative for Pittsburgh in 1991 and Senator for Pennsylvania in 1995. He lost his seat in 2006 and returned to law, public policy and the media. He is a conservative, opposed to same sex marriage. He supports partial privatization of Social Security and mixes religion and politics.

He is a Taurus, fixed sign which compensates for a slight lack of earth element (practicality); so he is stubborn enough very concerned with material possessions. His Mercury, being in the 12th House of subconscious, dreams helps him in his visualizations to write, publish and pushes him into action. This is reinforced by his Ascendant in his second House of money in Gemini, able to hold two jobs in the same time, sense of duality, does communicate extremely well. Sun in his first house: his goal is to establish financial security and build his own self- esteem. Research for identity, a lot of enthusiasm and emotional intensity.

Third House Cancer,very family oriented (he has 7 children). His 4th House in Leo with two intense planets, Uranus and Pluto gives him a strong possibility to be constructively uprooted and to become a powerful personality, continuous research of essential values. He is very magnetic, original, loves surprises, cannot tolerate restrictions, very powerful at home, lack of critical thinking. Moon in Aquarius in his 10th House of career: attracted by the extraordinary, but restrained by his religious traditions. Pluto, the planet of transformation is in Capricorn for a long time and will force him to open up to different philosophies. He has a strong desire to compete, changes will be public and stir controversy due to his capacity to put into operation large social plans.

And now the Dragons: His Natal Dragon is Scorpio Head (supreme power, wealth)/Taurus Tail

(not lucky to build financial security for himself). The lesson here is to become more spiritual.

Up to August 2012 the Universal Dragon being Sagittarius Head in his 8th House of death and rebirth allows him to overcome the stress caused by the Universal Dragon Tail in Gemini in his second House of money; so we can say he is now in a phase of restructure of his personal finances and self-esteem, drive to reach for better solutions; danger of transportation. The new Dragon in August (Scorpio/Taurus) will fall on himself and on his 7th house of contract and partnership stimulating a new surge of ideas leading to financial activity, indeed a very prosperous year with option to relocate and reach a much bigger world. The tail also in Taurus means this is a karmic life, difficulty to regenerate. The hidden Dragon being Libra Head - he has diplomatic gifts but impatient and accident prone to the head. Religion plays too much a big part in his life due to his fear of expanding his mind -/Aries Tail - not enough confidence, could suffer setbacks. Rick Santorum could easily become the next Republican nominee.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


With Pluto in Capricorn (transformation) and Uranus in Aries (explosion, war) expect news about governments and terrorists activities; also difficult weather, flooding, etc.

February 19 - 20 Uranic period: explosions, tornadoes, earthquakes
February 26 - 27 - 28 Plutonic period: dramatic news, famous death, police, scandals

Also Mercury will be retrograde from March 5th, 2012 through April 9, 2012: this is a concentration of negative energy approaching, so be very cautious while driving and expect chain reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes.


Aries - Improvement and surprise in your love relationships, but use your head, not your heart.
Taurus - Friends you have not seen for a long time or new friends are coming in the picture, but your could have deceptions.
Gemini - Good time to improve your career.
Cancer - Right time to start a trip. Good news from friends.
Leo - A great opportunity to make money or an inheritance is ahead of you.
Virgo - A new business partner will enter your life.
Libra - A new job opportunity or a promotion is coming.
Scorpio - Your endeavours are favorised.
Sagittarius - Good period for a spiritual endeavour working from home.
Capricorn - Good news from siblings, communications or trips are favorised.
Aquarius - Your investments are favorised but stay on the practical side.
Pisces - Use your critical thinking and swim towards the light.

Brigitte Lippincott

Friday, February 17, 2012


Dear friends, today I want to share with you something special and allow you to ease drop on part of an actual AstroPsychology reading.

When someone is ready for their Astropsychology reading, I begin with a birth date, time and place of birth. But, rather using mundane astrology, I prefer the rarer method of Nostradamus Divine Astropsychology which uses the combined ancient interpretations of astronomy, tarots and astrology.

The Divine Astrology of Nostradamus is unusual because it uncovers a person's UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), that special energy at birth which acts as a profound influence throughout one's life. This special energy comes from the Moon's North and South Pole.

The Moon's North Pole, the Dragon Head, is the positive energy pushng towards achievements and happiness. The South Pole, the Dragon Tail, is the negative energy of inner fears and weaknesses or the karmic residue from past lives. Knowing both the positions of the Dragon Head and the Dragon Tail helps the perosn understand and take advantage of current situations and prepare ahead of time for the next transitional changes.

Here is Pietro, a male age 47, who was born in Eastern Europe in October making him a Libra air sign. His Natal Dragon Head is Gemini and his Dragon Tail is Sagittarius. His Dragon Tail lands on his third house of thoughts and communications, generating fears centered around his beliefs about himself not being perfect enough and the unrealistic fear of loosing his job. He is also very focused on principles, structure and theory. The Dragon Head provides an opportunity to adapt to others point of view and reject the residue of his righteousness or religious dogmas attitude, in order to gain new perspectives on old beliefs.

The Universal Dragon, being Sagittarius-Head/Gemini-Tail up to August 2012, is a time frame where he can make the most of the energy to let go of negative thinking and emotional patterns, especially through travel and reading. Pietro also has the advantage of presently living in New York which is a Gemini sign. This energy configuration can help to re-enforce changing his attitudes if he should decide to do so.

What makes Nostradamus'Divine Astrology so rewarding is that each person can immediately grasp how their strengths and weaknesses are affected by the Moon's Dragon Head and Tail and then proceed to take advantage of the positive energy while minimizing the negative one. If you would like to learn more about yourself, please feel free to contact me at :

Sunday, February 5, 2012


On Tuesday February 7, the Moon will also be "Void of Course", meaning you will have a tough time to reach someone, no communications. On February 3rd, Nepturne (ideals, dreams, hopes) enters Pisces (compassion) , its ruler, for a long time up to March 2025 meaning they have the power together to break limitations individually or globally; difficult news with children. This magical period is just starting, we will see progress and hope.

The dates to watch are:

- February 12, 13, 14 Plutonic period - dramatic news, police, FBI, secrets, wake up calls
- February 19, 20 Uranic period - Weird news, surprises, explosions, tornadoes, earthquakes.
- February 26, 27, 28 Plutonic period - same as above.


Aries - Disappointments in love affairs, use your head, not your heart, avoid dramas.
Taurus - Conflicts with family.
Gemini - Sad news from siblings or concerning a trip to Europe.
Cancer - Bad news with finances, investments, changes are needed.
Leo - Right time to move on, new position ahead or new love.
Virgo - Your dreams of artistic pursuit are put on hold for now, be patient, wait for the New Moon.
Libra - Disappointments with friends or associations. Be careful what you say.
Scorpio - A decision about your career or love must be made. Use your intuition.
Sagittarius - Sad news about a trip, do not be depressed.
Capricorn - Difficult news in investments or delays for an inheritance.
Aquarius - Problem with a partner, love/business, do not start arguments, let it go.
Pisces - Possibility to improve your health or work, jump on it.


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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The Astropsychology of Nostradamus is another way to look at the stars without involving complicated maths. We put the emphasis on the power of the Moon and the Earth.

Religious programming will never help anyone to realize the scientific truths the universe has for us, but all is not lost if minds will open up to a new way of seeing the printed information in the Bible: the Bible speaks astrology if willing to see it: "to everything under the sun thee is a season" (Eccl 3:1-10) - "The Moon is the faithful witness in the sky" (Ps 89:35-37).
There are principles above that govern life on earth and bring forth the zodiac in its season. Everything in the universe is interrelated and the heavens influence us. The signs exist outside of us and operate in perfect harmony with us and the Creator. The lights: Moon, Sun, planets and Stars are signs of the Divine with revealing knowledge. But "because they seeing, see not; and hearing they hear not; neither do they understand" the voice of heaven. (Matt 13:13).

The Moon represents the emotional response to life. The Moon takes 28 days to travel around the earth and stays about 2 1/2 days in each sign. Emotions are high at a Full Moon. New Moon symbolize new beginnings.

"There is a tide in the affairs of man, when taken at its crest, leads on to fortune"
Shakespeare. This is one of the study I offer: Your Positive/Negative Dragon dates for each month of the year using the Positive/Negative Nodes of the Moon. The Moon 's passage through the 12 Zodiac signs and the location of the Dragon's Head/Tail impact everyone. The Moon represents our feelings, our emotions and imagination. Habitual behaviors and prejudices are ruled by the Moon ruling our spontaneous reactions and feelings.

Each month divides itself into two periods of two weeks each: New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon is the time to start something new, to sign contracts, to hire employees, to buy shares, travel tickets. The Full Moon is the time to RE-novate, to RE-view, to RE-decorate, etc.
You can buy tickets for a trip on a New Moon and travel in a Full Moon period: the problems, if any, will be minimized. If born in a New Moon period: you are inclined to be extroverted, healthier; born in a Full Moon period: you tend to be introverted, not as healthy and have a more karmic life.

Good things can happen during a negative period because "it" began during a waxing, positive time. Bad things also happen when the Moon is positive (a tap compared to what you could have experienced). We are more susceptible to moon fluctuations if born with a feminine Moon in a water sign (Pisces), and especially if a moon sits right on the Dragon Tail (negative), or if a moon is badly aspected by Saturn, Lord of depression.

Every person should know where his/her Moon sits to avoid depressions, strong emotions, etc.
I am always at your disposition for a study of your chart. You can send me an Email :

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born October 28, 1956 in Bamsar, Iran. He is a Libra/Scorpio. Ambivalent he thinks about justice, harmony, but also has a powerful will power, and as a Scorpio is involved with police and government.

Involved with large religious institutes he loves to investigate by using/abusing others, could lead him to an early death. His sun is in Scorpio, meaning his goal is to establish power control like a maniac; he regenerates with investigation. His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Sagittarius/Gemini: Sagittarius Head (looking for the truth, traveling) and Gemini Tail: double personality, two faces, should reject his religious dogmas, vulnerable on foreign grounds. Good speaker, writer. He also has Saturn in Sagittarius in his birth chart: fear of traveling, foreigners and unfortunately he has an avid consumption of religious materials as the only truth which produces a fear of expanding the mind. He could have been a great teacher. His Mars in Pisces gave him a strong desire to enter religion and he has a tendency to go ahead with goals bigger than himself, very obstinate and determined. He is very dependant on the Moon fluctuations. With Pluto (death, drama) in Virgo, he is a precise and detailed fanatic; Jupiter equally in Virgo produces religious extremists.

The next Universal Dragon Scorpio/Taurus (death/rebirth) from August 2012 till Mars 2014 right on his second House of money could mean the end of his reign.

Right now, the Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini is right on his House of thinking and communiation up to August 2012 which gives him the possibility to open his mind, to expand: traveling to Cuba, South America.


The next ten days we should expect one Uranic phase on January 22nd, 23, 24 (explosions, shocking news, UFO, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, aeronautics accidents) and one Plutonic phase on January 29, 30 and 31 (Famous death, drama, police, FBI, secrets, scandals, serial killers). During the Plutonic phase be careful what you say, it will follow you all your life, be diplomatic. Not a time to play with anybody emotions. Just be ready to accept the upcoming changes with faith in Uranus' desire to restructure the earth's crust.

Impact of the New Moon on each sign:

Aries: Good offers or good news from friends, jump on it.
Taurus: Your career and finances will take a new twist, jump ahead, think positive.
Gemini: Despite all the stress that the Universal Dragon impose on yourself these days, you will receive good news from abroad or about a trip ahead.
Cancer: Your health is improving, a raise or a promotion are on the air. Feel good.
Leo: A new and original partner could show up, enjoy !
Virgo: A relocation business wise or a new energy is coming to your office.
Libra: Your relationships are positive, keep using diplomacy.
Scorpio: You may be forced to move, positive changes in your home life.
Sagittarius: surprise communications with friends, unexpected news from siblings.
Capricorn:A long term project could see the light, an unexpected contract falling on your lap, good surprises concerning investments.
Aquarius: A good opportunity is coming your way.
Pisces: Your wishes come true.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Kim Song Un's born January 8th, 1983 is a Capricorn (strong motivation to succeed and gain a position of power, striving for respect - must avoid manipulation). Kim is rather extraverted, very independant, I would say impermeable to other's opinions, which he will show at the end of his tutelle in 2014.

His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Cancer Head/Capricorn Tail - supreme control in all areas maintained by fear and hard work. In his past life he had a position of power, with a desire to control everything. In this life he will be forced by the stars to take care of his own people. He should seek the help of metaphysics. If he uses manipulation on his subjects he will fail. Presently he feels he lack the ability to be practical, grounded, surrounded as he his by a rigid apparatus; he must look for people he can depend on.
Subconsciously he wants to know the truth, acquire knowledge.

Mars, in Aquarius in his second House of money: geared to explore avenues involving the future of mankind thru inventions and originality.
Moon in Scorpio in his 11th House of groups: it indicates dramatic happenings in his upbringing to prepare him for some serious karma to process, like dramatic losses.
Pluto is in Libra in his 10th House of career: Sign of the law (police) groups sealed by commitment, deadly battle of one group against another. Pluto, planet of transformation is actually in Capricorn, on himself up to 2023.

His hidden UCI is Libra/Aries: he will have to realize the importance of others. Right now the Universal Dragon is Sagittarius Head reaching him in his 12th House of subconscious, opening his mind towards communicating with foreigners; when the next Dragon arrives, Scorpio/Taurus
(death, drama) at the end of August 2012 he will have a choice to restructure his country and open up to the world.

In February 2014 he will receive the new Dragon Libra/Aries tail - war - on his 4th House, at home, so North Korea could become a serious threat to the world. Kim should reach for his Dragon Head in Cancer (USA) otherwise............

Also remember to visit the article I wrote on November 22, 2011 about Mitt Romney by scrolling down.


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Nat Rehal

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Thursday, January 5, 2012


This Full Moon will bring us stress about security, drastic decisions from the Government and severe weather in some states.

Impact of the Full Moon on all signs:

Aries - Concerned with family matters, security: moving will be an option to find better opportunities.
Taurus - Communications in general and particularly with your siblings make you feel depressed; exercise.
Gemini - Do not let yourself being depressed; the Universal Dragon Tail is right on you; you could find good deals and make money.
Cancer - You will have to control your emotions for the next two weeks. A visit from the past.
Leo - You will feel limited in your endeavours or with your children; things will get better after the New Moon.
Virgo - You could receive bad news concerning friends.
Libra - Your business deals will not manifest now; be patient.
Scorpio -A trip is going nowhere. Pospone it, it is for your own good.
Sagittarius - Concerned about protecting your family, you coud also receive an house in legacy.
Capricorn - You will experience change in your partnerships, business or love; you will find somebody else soon.
Aquarius - Bad news in your environment or with your co-workers; take care of your health.
Pisces - Stress in your entreprises, separation ahead with a partner.

There will be 3 Plutonic phases in January (Famous death, dramatic news, Police, terrorism, etc.): Jan. 3 - 4- 5, Jan.16 - 17, Jan.29,30,31.

There will be one Uranus phase in January (Weird news, surprise, explosions, tornadoes, eartquakes, volcanoes/ Nasa/ UFO): Jan. 22, 23,24.