Saturday, January 21, 2012


The next ten days we should expect one Uranic phase on January 22nd, 23, 24 (explosions, shocking news, UFO, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, aeronautics accidents) and one Plutonic phase on January 29, 30 and 31 (Famous death, drama, police, FBI, secrets, scandals, serial killers). During the Plutonic phase be careful what you say, it will follow you all your life, be diplomatic. Not a time to play with anybody emotions. Just be ready to accept the upcoming changes with faith in Uranus' desire to restructure the earth's crust.

Impact of the New Moon on each sign:

Aries: Good offers or good news from friends, jump on it.
Taurus: Your career and finances will take a new twist, jump ahead, think positive.
Gemini: Despite all the stress that the Universal Dragon impose on yourself these days, you will receive good news from abroad or about a trip ahead.
Cancer: Your health is improving, a raise or a promotion are on the air. Feel good.
Leo: A new and original partner could show up, enjoy !
Virgo: A relocation business wise or a new energy is coming to your office.
Libra: Your relationships are positive, keep using diplomacy.
Scorpio: You may be forced to move, positive changes in your home life.
Sagittarius: surprise communications with friends, unexpected news from siblings.
Capricorn:A long term project could see the light, an unexpected contract falling on your lap, good surprises concerning investments.
Aquarius: A good opportunity is coming your way.
Pisces: Your wishes come true.

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