Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born October 28, 1956 in Bamsar, Iran. He is a Libra/Scorpio. Ambivalent he thinks about justice, harmony, but also has a powerful will power, and as a Scorpio is involved with police and government.

Involved with large religious institutes he loves to investigate by using/abusing others, could lead him to an early death. His sun is in Scorpio, meaning his goal is to establish power control like a maniac; he regenerates with investigation. His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Sagittarius/Gemini: Sagittarius Head (looking for the truth, traveling) and Gemini Tail: double personality, two faces, should reject his religious dogmas, vulnerable on foreign grounds. Good speaker, writer. He also has Saturn in Sagittarius in his birth chart: fear of traveling, foreigners and unfortunately he has an avid consumption of religious materials as the only truth which produces a fear of expanding the mind. He could have been a great teacher. His Mars in Pisces gave him a strong desire to enter religion and he has a tendency to go ahead with goals bigger than himself, very obstinate and determined. He is very dependant on the Moon fluctuations. With Pluto (death, drama) in Virgo, he is a precise and detailed fanatic; Jupiter equally in Virgo produces religious extremists.

The next Universal Dragon Scorpio/Taurus (death/rebirth) from August 2012 till Mars 2014 right on his second House of money could mean the end of his reign.

Right now, the Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini is right on his House of thinking and communiation up to August 2012 which gives him the possibility to open his mind, to expand: traveling to Cuba, South America.

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