Thursday, January 5, 2012


This Full Moon will bring us stress about security, drastic decisions from the Government and severe weather in some states.

Impact of the Full Moon on all signs:

Aries - Concerned with family matters, security: moving will be an option to find better opportunities.
Taurus - Communications in general and particularly with your siblings make you feel depressed; exercise.
Gemini - Do not let yourself being depressed; the Universal Dragon Tail is right on you; you could find good deals and make money.
Cancer - You will have to control your emotions for the next two weeks. A visit from the past.
Leo - You will feel limited in your endeavours or with your children; things will get better after the New Moon.
Virgo - You could receive bad news concerning friends.
Libra - Your business deals will not manifest now; be patient.
Scorpio -A trip is going nowhere. Pospone it, it is for your own good.
Sagittarius - Concerned about protecting your family, you coud also receive an house in legacy.
Capricorn - You will experience change in your partnerships, business or love; you will find somebody else soon.
Aquarius - Bad news in your environment or with your co-workers; take care of your health.
Pisces - Stress in your entreprises, separation ahead with a partner.

There will be 3 Plutonic phases in January (Famous death, dramatic news, Police, terrorism, etc.): Jan. 3 - 4- 5, Jan.16 - 17, Jan.29,30,31.

There will be one Uranus phase in January (Weird news, surprise, explosions, tornadoes, eartquakes, volcanoes/ Nasa/ UFO): Jan. 22, 23,24.

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