Saturday, January 7, 2012


Kim Song Un's born January 8th, 1983 is a Capricorn (strong motivation to succeed and gain a position of power, striving for respect - must avoid manipulation). Kim is rather extraverted, very independant, I would say impermeable to other's opinions, which he will show at the end of his tutelle in 2014.

His UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Cancer Head/Capricorn Tail - supreme control in all areas maintained by fear and hard work. In his past life he had a position of power, with a desire to control everything. In this life he will be forced by the stars to take care of his own people. He should seek the help of metaphysics. If he uses manipulation on his subjects he will fail. Presently he feels he lack the ability to be practical, grounded, surrounded as he his by a rigid apparatus; he must look for people he can depend on.
Subconsciously he wants to know the truth, acquire knowledge.

Mars, in Aquarius in his second House of money: geared to explore avenues involving the future of mankind thru inventions and originality.
Moon in Scorpio in his 11th House of groups: it indicates dramatic happenings in his upbringing to prepare him for some serious karma to process, like dramatic losses.
Pluto is in Libra in his 10th House of career: Sign of the law (police) groups sealed by commitment, deadly battle of one group against another. Pluto, planet of transformation is actually in Capricorn, on himself up to 2023.

His hidden UCI is Libra/Aries: he will have to realize the importance of others. Right now the Universal Dragon is Sagittarius Head reaching him in his 12th House of subconscious, opening his mind towards communicating with foreigners; when the next Dragon arrives, Scorpio/Taurus
(death, drama) at the end of August 2012 he will have a choice to restructure his country and open up to the world.

In February 2014 he will receive the new Dragon Libra/Aries tail - war - on his 4th House, at home, so North Korea could become a serious threat to the world. Kim should reach for his Dragon Head in Cancer (USA) otherwise............

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