Friday, February 17, 2012


Dear friends, today I want to share with you something special and allow you to ease drop on part of an actual AstroPsychology reading.

When someone is ready for their Astropsychology reading, I begin with a birth date, time and place of birth. But, rather using mundane astrology, I prefer the rarer method of Nostradamus Divine Astropsychology which uses the combined ancient interpretations of astronomy, tarots and astrology.

The Divine Astrology of Nostradamus is unusual because it uncovers a person's UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), that special energy at birth which acts as a profound influence throughout one's life. This special energy comes from the Moon's North and South Pole.

The Moon's North Pole, the Dragon Head, is the positive energy pushng towards achievements and happiness. The South Pole, the Dragon Tail, is the negative energy of inner fears and weaknesses or the karmic residue from past lives. Knowing both the positions of the Dragon Head and the Dragon Tail helps the perosn understand and take advantage of current situations and prepare ahead of time for the next transitional changes.

Here is Pietro, a male age 47, who was born in Eastern Europe in October making him a Libra air sign. His Natal Dragon Head is Gemini and his Dragon Tail is Sagittarius. His Dragon Tail lands on his third house of thoughts and communications, generating fears centered around his beliefs about himself not being perfect enough and the unrealistic fear of loosing his job. He is also very focused on principles, structure and theory. The Dragon Head provides an opportunity to adapt to others point of view and reject the residue of his righteousness or religious dogmas attitude, in order to gain new perspectives on old beliefs.

The Universal Dragon, being Sagittarius-Head/Gemini-Tail up to August 2012, is a time frame where he can make the most of the energy to let go of negative thinking and emotional patterns, especially through travel and reading. Pietro also has the advantage of presently living in New York which is a Gemini sign. This energy configuration can help to re-enforce changing his attitudes if he should decide to do so.

What makes Nostradamus'Divine Astrology so rewarding is that each person can immediately grasp how their strengths and weaknesses are affected by the Moon's Dragon Head and Tail and then proceed to take advantage of the positive energy while minimizing the negative one. If you would like to learn more about yourself, please feel free to contact me at :

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