Saturday, April 30, 2011


Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by a special vibration and an element which in turn give us also their weaknesses:

Aries - Element Fire, the head will be vulnerable
Taurus - Element Earth, throat and neck are vulnerable
Gemini - Element Air - their weaknesses are the nervous system, the chest
Cancer - Element Water - the skin, stomach are vulnerable
Leo - Element Fire, the heart is vulnerable
Virgo - Element Earth, intestines, abdomen have to be watched
Libra - Element Air, the kidneys are weak
Scorpio - Element Water, sexual organs are vulnerable
Sagittarius - Element Fire, hip, thigh are vulnerable
Capricorn - Element Earth, the spine, articulation
Aquarius - Element Air, the ankles are the weak point
Pisces - Element Eau, the feet are vulnerable.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS ON MAY 2ND bringing a sense of security and wealth.

Aries - Positive time to improve your finances and security.
Taurus - Time to brighten up in comfort and security.
Gemini - It becomes easier to detach yourself or to become more possessive - duality.
Cancer - Thanks to the power of Venus, friendships become more possessive and sensual. Projects are stable.
Leo - Persistence in your goals pays off, specially for artists where raw materials are involved.
Virgo - Concrete realization of your ideas.
Libra - Improve management of your affairs with different methods to further your financial
or material goals.
Scorpio - Good possibility to find a stable partner showing affection and able to contribute to your work.
Sagittarius - Work and health are improving. Feeling the need to be useful.
Capricorn - Good time to speculate in business, also great artistic power.
Aquarius - Desire of stability - Increase in wealth.
Pisces - The mental slows down, interested in the material, acute feelings of beauty and images.
time favorable to trips, communications.

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