Sunday, May 22, 2011


Nostradamus lived in the 1500s in the south of France, in Provence at the time of the Inquisition when anybody not catholic would be burned.
He was a healer and astrologer and could see the weaknesses and possibilities of the person consulting with him through the horoscope. He would then give the consultant a mixture made of plants to heal him.

The Divine Astrology of Nostradamus uses the same horoscope and one can see immediately the qualities and defects of the person consulting, if a relationship will be good for them or not, the position of the planets at birth time acting as impulses. The main element in the chart will be he UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), kind of DNA of the stars, giving the special energy a person was born with.


"As ancient mariners navigated by the stars, so did I through daily life, where Brigitte is an excellent guide".
Lucius Barre, New York

"I was skeptical at first, but when I got my chart, I found it to be amazingly interesting and accurate. I learned a few things about myself I did not know even though I had my natal chart done before by reputable astrologers. I would definitely recommend Brigitte's Astro-Psychology to my friends."
Nicole Lescaut, New York

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO ON MAY 17 - Extreme caution has to be used as Pluto (planet of Scorpio) arouses emotions and crisis occur. Deadly Plutonic window: May 29, 30, 31. Pluto influence being: terrorism, dramas, FBI, police work, etc.

- Aries - Avoid strong reactions, emotivity, possibilities of dramas and new of death.
- Taurus - High sensibility and serious problems with partnerships.
- Gemini - Stress with co-workers, attention to your health.
- Cancer - An old love might be coming back. Problems with children.
- Leo - Not much privacy at home, conflict with family.
- Virgo - In this period of emotivity, sarcasms should be held in check.
- Libra - Do research on your own to find solutions about your money.
- Scorpio - Do not impose your overbearing will upon others or you may start a crisis.
- Sagittarius - You regenerate in reading, learning or teaching and deep metaphysical studies, use your intuition.
- Capricorn - Sad news from friends, secrets come in the open.
- Aquarius - Shocking news in matter of career -
- Pisces - Not a time to travel, stress with foreigners.

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