Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I started the Divine Astrology of Nostradamus I was fascinated with the discovery of the UCI: Unique Celestial identity, which makes the whole difference between the old methods of astrology and this one. UCI is the energy a person is born with, totally different from the zodiacal sign; you can see immediately where a person should go in his/her life and what she/he has to get away from (karma).

Lets take for exemple Donald Trump: He was born on June 14, 1946 in New York; he is a Gemini, feminine sign; his UCI called the Dragon Head (Positive node of the Moon) is also in Gemini, right on himself and the Dragon Tail (Negative Node of the Moon) is in Sagittarius in his 7th house of relationships and open enemies. This is the axis of the lower mind versus the higher mind, double personnality, no respect for others, not lucky with foreign affairs, sense of exaggeration. The Seventh House is also the house of relationships, marriages and contracts. He has had three marriages, so many affairs with foreigners but not lasting.

His hidden Dragon is Aries/Libra: Donald is an inventor, adventurous, competitive, magnetic. He is given the opportunity to learn diplomacy, harmony and love, has to learn patience; has to prove the world he is the best.

Since March 2011 the current Universal Dragon of the earth is Sagittarius/Gemini; as you can see it is the reverse of Donald's Dragon. What does it mean ??? The tail Gemini is on his Dragon Head and on himself as he is a Gemini and the Head of the Universal Dragon Sagittarius is on his Dragon Tail meaning he could have some luck with contracts, relationships for the next 16 months but should be careful with open/known enemies. Also the planet Pluto is on his 8th House of transformation, death and rebirth.

Donald also has Uranus on himself on his 1st House, giving him originality, explosions, etc. He also has Mars and Pluto in his third House of communication: Donald likes to say what he thinks and will push for the stage to win.

The Moon, emotions, is also on his Dragon Tail (negative) in his 7th House of relationships, contracts, etc. meaning very emotional. Et voila !

Knowing your UCI would save you lot of time and errors; it's also useful to know the UCI of your
companion, business partner, etc. to find out if they are really good for you. I am at your disposition for sessions in my office or per telephone/skype. $ 75, Email: BGL333@aol.com.

NEW MOON JUNE 1ST IN GEMINI, affecting communications, trips to foreign lands, intellectual pursuits, writing, etc. in a big positive way ! lots of luck !

Aries - Good luck for projects, trips, communication with siblings.
Taurus - Good time to start a business, involving beauty, finances.
Gemini - All ideas, projects, communications are favorised, go for it. Emotions run high, new impulses.
Cancer - Time to start a business from your home, or renovations, improvements. Dreams materialized.
Leo - A new love could appear or new friendship.
Virgo - New opportunities to improve your career - Good thinking.
Libra - Marriage, honeymoon are in the air ! take the leap ! Travelling also.
Scorpio - You regenerate with reading, writing, intellectual pursuits.
Sagittarius - A new relationship, business/love may appear. Projects are favorised.
Capricorn - Time to hire coworkers or to improve your communications with them. Your body is healing.
Aquarius - A new love could appear - Also perfect time to develop a new enterprise.
Pisces - Moving or a new business is on the agenda.

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