Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After having explained in a previous article the importance of the UCI (Unique

Celestial Identity), I want to demonstrate how we can use the horoscope to know

immediately the strengths and weaknesses of a child or an adult.

Whitey Bulger (James) born September 3, 1929 (the wasted baby generation when many families were destroyed by the war) in Boston, U.S. is a reputed former

mob boss who was arrested on June 22, 2011 in California.

Dragon Head (positive node of the Moon) Taurus/Dragon Tail (negative node) Scorpio.

Cycle of birth and death, growth and destruction; he must learn to work towards fame, fortune.

Dragon Tail: attracting the wrong crowd, dangerous, could go to jail. Difficult past life so inner fears, nightmares. In the 3rd House, killing himself with his thoughts.

1th House - Virgo, self, perfectionist, precise, critical, want to maintain a sense of purity.

Moon, subconsious fears of disease, cold, calculated

Nepturne, full of illusions, big imagination.

Sun, purification, cleansing

2th House - Libra, Mercury: concerned with equality, justice, justification: (local lore depicted Bulger as a Robin Hood type figure dedicated to protecting the people).

Mars: desire to fight for the weak.

3th House - Scorpio Ascendant, image of destruction on himself. Complex.

4th House - Sagittarius, Saturn strict, religious at home, which generated a variety of hang-ups

and altered his perceptions; fears of foreigners, avoiding travelling abroad, fear of educating himself. Saturn paralyzes the mind from exploring.

6th House - Aquarius, committed with groups (gangs), clandestine relationships

8th House - Aries, Uranus, competitive, likes high tech weapons for destruction, erratic, shocking behaviour.

10th House - Gemini, Jupiter: exhalted ideas

11th House - Cancer, Pluto, exacerbated sensibility with groups, friends.

As you can see, Whitey had the possibility to become famous and wealthy (Dragon Head Taurus), but took a wrong turn by lack of education ! Astropsychology from Nostradamus can help everybody and specially young people to understand themselves.


"I requested a career report for my daughter, it was quite good; it reflected her strong and weak points."


"I had an Astro-Tarots reading: it helped me understand what was going on in my life and to focus on new directions".

Josiane, New York

FULL MOON, JULY 15 IN CAPRICORN - Career problems are emphasized, people become conscious of their rights and ask for them, resulting in promotions or deceptions. Important news from England.

Aries - Change in career, job areas; everything will be for the best.

Taurus - Not the right time to travel for business - Wait for the New Moon.

Gemini - Be diplomatic in your communications or with your siblings; the money you are waiting for could be delayed.

Cancer - No arguments with your partners.

Leo - Be diplomatic with your co-workers, avoid quarrels which put stress on yourself.

Virgo - Wait for New Moon to start new enterprises.

Libra - Your social life might slow down; wait for the New Moon.

Scorpio - Your siblings need you, go and see them.

Sagittarius - You could experience delay in payment, orders, etc., be patient.

Capricorn - Career activities are slow, changes are coming.

Aquarius - Responsibilites might weight heavily on you; consider anxieties and fears as illusions.

Pisces - Problems with friends; a change is needed, be more selective.

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