Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's not about earthquakes: spiritual transformation is the goal. Edgar Cayce readings suggested that whenever war, strife and turmoil occur in the affairs of humankind, sunspots occur as a natural consequence ; in other words, instability among people leads to instability upon the planet and throughout the universe ! "For as the people of each nation pray, and then live that prayer, so must the Spirit work". Edgar Cayce

One of the most interesting dynamics of people working together is that they can raise the "vibration" of energy and thought to a higher level. One hallmark of the Aquarian Age we are entering could be described simply as "purity". There will be a gradual transition between ages. It is quite possible that it will be a generation or two from now that humankind finally looks back and says : "You know, it appears that the real change started to occur around the end of 2012."

In addition to purity, the readings suggest that the Age is ultimately one of globalization in terms of understanding that each individual is responsible for every other individual. Certainly with the globalization of communications brought on by the Internet this may have already become a reality. The readings also state that in addition to globalization and purity spiritual consciousness will reach such an height of development that eventually each individual will be able to communicate directly with the Divine.

The changing events in our world and in our lives are to enable us to remember why we are here. Our planet is in the midst of upheavals that will enable individuals everywhere to eventually gain this realization: with God as our Creator we are all part of the same family. That understanding and experience is our collective destiny. We don't want to fool ourselves; the geological condition of the planet makes some earth changes inevitable. In other words, there will continue to be earthquakes. But the purpose of the changes we are exeriencing is not for the earth changes themselves but simply a step toward reawakening to our destiny as spiritual beings manifesting in the earth. Kevin J. Todeschi


ARIES - Improvement in your health; positive change with your co-workers.
TAURUS - Everything looks clear in your love affairs; be creative.
GEMINI- You could think about working from your home or relocate soon.
CANCER - Thinking about a new health program or a trip with your siblings.
LEO - Good news concerning business or finance.
VIRGO - Improvement in your health and working environment.
LIBRA - Get rid of your fears concerning health and do not criticize.
SCORPIO - You will receive good wishes from your friends; be positive.
SAGITTARIUS - Good news for your career or good ideas are welcome.
CAPRICORN - Foreign contacts are favorised; good time to take a trip or undertake a new study.
AQUARIUS - An unexpected inheritance or financial help will make you happy.
PISCES - A chance to find a new emotional or business partner is ahead.

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