Monday, September 12, 2011


Expect sadness from the Middle East, flooding, explosions, etc. Extraterrestrials may manifest.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries - Do not let your fears or negative thoughts overwhelm you; rather start a trip or a new study.
Taurus - Bad news from your friends and your investments could suffer; time to regenerate with a new ideal.
Gemini - A meeting with a new foreigner will make you forget your delays in your career.
Cancer - Deception on a trip; better to postpone it.
Leo -Careful, no involvement with the law; financial crisis.
Virgo - Could experience disappointment with a partner. Move on.
Libra - Stress from your work; keep out of religion or drugs.
Scorpio - Problems with your love life or children but good news in business.
Sagittarius - Stress at home or from family, keep you ideal high.
Capricorn - Sad mail is ahead.
Aquarius - A business deal could end up being deceptive, do not create problems with your loved ones, make new friends.
Pisces - Struggle with family, but good opportunity in business.

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