Sunday, October 23, 2011


Karma is being created every moment by our thoughts and we are always judging ourselves by being "bad, lacking, wrong". We have all kinds of thoughts going thru our mind, even murderous thoughts. Our repressed feelings and emotions, unfulfilled longings and desires, all affect the physical operation of our bodies. These things that are called "germs, bacteria, virus", are living organisms that exist in the living "soup" of the world, and they are always there. Whether we allow them to manifest a negative form in our physical body is determined by how we judge ourselves, and from what perspective we are judging ourselves as well. If we are judging our present actions we can get an immediate headache or stump our toe or have an accident.

If we are judging our past actions we can have a lingering, long-term disease like cancer. And we can have all combinations in between, of quick-bad, slow-bad, all different ways that we allow these viruses to work on our bodies. But the viruses, germs or bacteria do not cause illness. Scientists have found that they can change the behaviour of certain viruses, bacteria, germs. But you well know that if a person continues to judge herself negatively they will manifest a different

disease caused by a different bacteria or virus. It is the person's self judgement based on current life or karmic debt, if you will, that allows disease to happen. Nostradamus says that if you don't release yourself of your negative judgement, you will keep getting sick one way or the other.

Extract from Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon

And now to the future: The new Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini, as was said previously, forces a new, universal electronic mean of communication transforming the way we comunicate or educate ourselves as we approach the year 2012. The real estate will be booming again as the country infrastructure is changing: the old road, signals, bridge systems will be replaced by "round points". The stock market will experience recovery in December 2011. The President's proposal of real changes will take place in 2012-2014. The year 2012 marks the beginning of a highly spiritual uplifting golden age for humanity.

Dr.Louis Turi

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO ON OCTOBER 26 - There is nothing more dramatic than a Moon in Scorpio, specially on this 26 of October which is by itself a day "without communication" (Moon void of course - lapse of time between the last major aspect of the Moon and her entry into the next sign). So on that particular day we can expect difficulties to connect with each other. Be prepared !

This New Moon will also be a time of dramatic happenings, death all over, terrorism, etc. as we are entering a Plutonic window: October 25, 26, 27.

Impact of the New Moon on all signs:

Aries - Take the time you need to make a financial commitment aas secrets will be uncovered,

potential for drama.

Taurus - Avoid jealousy and suspicion in your relationships, learn to trust.

Gemini - Your secrets might be uncovered, time to improve your work environment.

Cancer - Drama is around the corner concerning love, romance, children. Control your emotions.

Leo - Good opportunities to learn mystical studies at home. You need your privacy; careful who you invite in your home.

Virgo - You must realize your strong potential through education or a trip; you will find the solution.

Libra - Good time to invest, inherit or to find solutions to help others financially.

Scorpio - Very vulnerable to dramas, crisis, time to control yourself.

Sagittarius - Do not let jealousy or resentment get the best of yourself: regenerate with metaphysics.

Capricorn - Your powerful friends are helping you to realize your wishes.

Aquarius - Great opportunity to improve your career.

Pisces - Your investigation, studies will bring financial reward.

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