Saturday, December 10, 2011


Michele Marie Bachmann, born in Waterloo, Iowa, on April 6, 1956 is an Aries. She is a member of the US House of Representatives representing Minnesota, Republican, supporter of the Tea Movement Party. Her family was Norwegian Lutheran democrats.

As an Aries, she is impatient, aggressive, born leader learning by her mistakes. She must learn diplomacy.

Her UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) is Sagittarius/Gemini, meaning she must take the path of higher education, travel to search the truth; she is lucky in matters of religion, foreign affairs, foreigners; Gemini tail means she has a double personnality; her hidden Dragon is the same as her UCI, doubling the impact. Her Moon in Aquarius makes her independant, open minded, sociable.

Pluto in Leo in her fifth house of creativity means: sudden fame, facing the world. The transit Pluto is in Capricorn in her 10th House of career up to 2023 challenging the establishment.

With the transiting Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini on herself up to next August 2012 she certainly could be on the road to Presidency; she also has Mars (challenge/danger) in Capricorn

on her 10th House of career and government: strong desire to fight for the system and for a position of power (politics). She could be good for the United States. Saturn in Sagittarius will force her to expand her mind outside conventional religious teachings, despite her fears.

Richard James Perry (Rick) born in Texas on March 4, 1950 is a Pisces. Philosopher, perfectionist, intuitive, blind acceptance of religious dogmas. He is the longuest continuously serving current Governor of Texas. His father was a Democrat, so was he up to 1989 when he joined the Republican Party, proponent of fiscal conservatism, he is a Methodist.

His UCI is Aries/Libra: adventurous, competitive, magnetic, needs to be the best at all times. The Tail of the Dragon in Libra: no strength with groups, could be manipulated easily, needs constant approval. His hidden Dragon Taurus/Scorpio (impulses) forces him to work towards possession, fame, fortune; he has a difficulty to let go of inner fears, and needs to learn to be independant, but resistant to changes. Moon in Virgo: detailed oriented he might look at the trees and miss the forest ! but Saturn next to the Moon will help him bring completion and structure to all his endeavours. Pluto (death/drama) is in his 6th House of environment in Leo:

He likes to work in a glorious environment, potential for fame.

The Universal Dragon Sagittarius/Gemini in his 10th House of career gives him a window of opportunity to run for Presidency up to August 2012. Then from August 2012 the new Universal Dragon Scorpio/Taurus will free him to a complete restructure of his beliefs and he will let go of the presidency.

FULL MOON IN GEMINI ON DECEMBER 10 will cause disturbance on communications, transportation. Dramatic changes ahead in the world of traveling; sad news involving accidents, terrorism, people stranded in airports. Also do not forget Mercury (the Lord of communication and transportation) is still active, retrograde, messing things up till December 23rd.

December 20, 21, 22: Pluto, Mars, Uranus together - extreme criminal activity and police vulnerability - Pluto has fun destroying it all. Christmas will take place on a New Moon and will bring good time to all of us.

We should not forget also the Lunar Eclipse on December 1o: changes and crisis in your life, soul lessons specially if it happens on your natal axis: awakening and realisation.


Aries - Difficulties in communications, sad news from siblings; change of residence ahead.

Taurus - Stress on finances. Wait for the New Moon to invest.

Gemini - You could receive bad news from the past; stress for a business or emotional partner.

Cancer - Don't be depressed, resolve conflicts.

Leo - You could receive bad news from friends.

Virgo - Difficult time ahead for your business or career. Think positive, the wheel will turn.

Libra - Not the time to travel, opportunities are not there. Wait for the New Moon.

Scorpio - Possibility of respiratory problems if not resting properly; difficult communications with your siblings.

Sagittarius - Separation with a business or emotional partner; do not take any chance.

Capricorn - Tensions in your working environment could provoke health problems. Learn to relax.

Aquarius - Any new project or meeting a new partner should be postponed after the New Moon.

Pisces - Communications with family will bring stress. Regenerate with new studies on the computer.

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